giovedì 26 marzo 2009

some news and a playlist (OLD STUFF n° 777) (august 08)

well i'm here again.

As i wrote in other parts of this webzine here and there, in the last 2 months my life has been revolted, destroyed and spitted out as a third rate chewing gum. i went on tour with DBW!, went back home and moved to another city, then in one week i closed an eight year old relationship, went to live in a car, finally found a new job and a new house. sometimes life has to be changed, without thinkin' too much about the consequences this change could achieve.
life is cruel, and we have to squeeze out the best from her (yeah, HER) before everything it's finished.

So in the wait for publishing some new reviews i'll add a list of the things that lately got me pretty excited:

LIVE SHOWS (i don't care anymore if it's grind, thrash, blues, hardrock, prog or polka. a good fusion band is better than a third rate d-beat crust band playing for 100 dogs. i need to see more shows than i could even image. so if your band is playing, lemme know. i'll try to be there)

ANNIHILATION TIME live (they rocked the Dauntaun space! Their singer even put one buck in my pants because i was too hot with him!!!) plus ANNIHILATION TIME II and III (the third one is more and more into nwobhm than the rock/black flagish II; anyway it's a must have as well as the previous one)

ENGLISH DOGS "forward into battle" and "where legend began" (both records are a masterpiece for any metal/punk/speedthrash addict. I have to say thank you to TOXIC HOLOCAUST because if it wasn't for them i would have never knew about this band. both records shows that punx can be good metalheads as well)

MUNICIPAL WASTE live (incredible. last time i saw them was 2004 and they still remembered me and my mommy who was at the show as well as my dad - this earned me a free entrance to the show and some good time with the band. I have lost my shoes 3 times before i definitively decided to leave them on the stage continuing the moshpit and the stagediving with naked feet. And, incredibly, i still have them - the feet, not the shoes - attached to my legs. thanx god)

NOBONES FEST IN PERUGIA live show with some of the best italian bands (the day after municipal waste played in pinarella i went to this show with my good pal Mirko. i was destroyed from the previous day and fuckin too bad i had to leave after 3 bands, but hey i can say i've seen some of the best shows from THE SNAKE CULT, ED! and WATCH YOUR STEP. people was enough cold - maybe not enough drunk! - and this reminds me to tell you: SUPPORT YOUR SCENE! forever and ever)

THE MOJOMATICS live and "down my spine" 7" (ok this is NOT a thrash band but they deserve all the respect in this world. after some years spent as a two piece they added a bass player and - boy oh boy! - they now fuckin rule more than before! take some 60's garage music, add some melodies of power pop and a push coming from an hardcore background...the show in Fidenza @ Town was awesome, the main american punkrock band playin that night - sorry i've lost their name in my beercan - had to apologize for not letting them playing as headliners! if you have the chance to see them live go and no complain about anything else, good music is good music everything will happen to your ears and life)

see ya in the pit!