domenica 23 ottobre 2011

xZIO FASTERx rehersal tape 2011 - aka I AM NOT DEAD, YET

Well, a lot of time since my last post.

I got a new job, i am moving in a new house, i am leaving next week with my band
U SUCK! for a small Germoney tour with great friends SICK TIMES, so there are many many things to write about but not enough time for actually doing it.

Meanwhile, my other band xZIO FASTERx has finally recorded a rehersal tape.
Straight from the rehersal room, recorded on cassette, then we kicked the resulting processs on a computer, just to pump up all the volumes. Then back on tape.
Recording done by our great friend Luca Ovnzi, who seems to play guitar in You Suck! too.
It will see the daylight as a real cassette in a couple of weeks. 70 made, 50 regular and 20 in a special edition with bandannas envelopes.

here you can get it:

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