venerdì 24 maggio 2013

SABATO 8 GIUGNO DJ PANINO is putting shame in your gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

Ok, il flyer fa cacare ma è una festa di paese, not my fault. Per la seconda volta in compagnia di DJazzy, una selecta in apertura pre concerto dei Cinzano Five a base di jazz funk e rap old skool.

Ah, ha detto che verrà anche lui:

giovedì 16 maggio 2013

my first 8 TRACKS mixtape

DRUG PROBLEMS live @ Gnomes Fest, "solito bosco sopra Trento"

Questo sabato quindi si rockeggia duro in compagnia di un bel mix di GRUPPONI, tutto a caratteri rigorosamente cubitali.
Aftershow selezione musicale del sottoscritto, cercherò di allietare l'ubriachezza dei presenti con pillole di jazz/funk/soul/early rap...
(anche se a 'sto giro sarebbe meglio scrivere 

Keep the groove goin' on 
and on and on and on and on...

lunedì 6 maggio 2013

JEFF HANNEMAN 1964 - 2013 r.i.p.

I am grown up with Slayer, as most of you did as well.
I got nothing else to add, the music is there, so let's have a beer or two in his memory.

MCA one year after

Beloved musician, filmmaker, political activist and rapper Adam Yauch passed away on May 4th, 2012 after a three-year-long battle with cancer. He was 47. Today his old friend and Beastie Boys co-founder Adam Horovitz, a.k.a Ad-Rock, joined city officials, friends, and family at a small playground and park on the edge of Brooklyn Heights to honor the artist known around the world as MCA. Formerly called Palmetto Playground (a reference to South Carolina, the Palmetto State), today the verdant little oasis was renamed Adam Yauch park.