mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

THE ROOTS OF BEASTIE BOYS part one - a mixtape

I had made a new mixtape on my 8tracks profile but, due to their strictly policy of having no more than two tracks form a given album or artist, i couldn't make it public. 
So i decided to make an mp3 compilation and kickin' it on mediafire...what is this about?
Well,  i thought of putting together original tunes the Beasties took their samples from and the trio final result. I have been lucky to found this incredible page

where ALL the fuckin' samples from their milestone "License to ill" to their 2004 word driven album "To the five boroughs" are listed.
A whole new world has opened to my eyes (i should better say "ears"), and i have discovered new music, tv shows, documentaries that are simply amazing.
You know that strange feeling, when you are aware of something, you hear a sound many many different times, a voice, a speech and you try to remember or discover where this is coming from but you don't know exactly where to search for it...well, this page completely fulfilled all my needs.

Few weeks ago, while on my last tour with my ex-band punk rock YOU SUCK!,  visiting Berlin one more time i have also been lucky to find gems like ROSE ROYCE "car wash" o.s.t. or ALPHONSE MOUZON "funky snakefoot".
Those records are full of groove, energy, passion, sweat and i think they perfectly fit into the Beasties patchwork.

Two days ago i was invited to spin some records at a CINZANO FIVE show here in Parma, at the Circolo Giovane Italia , and i decided to play this game, performing alternately the original song and then the Beastie's one with the sample in it; and people appreciated that!
The youngest were asking me who the original tune was from, while the older people, knoving better the 60's and 70's bands, were asking from which Beasties' album the tune was selected.

This is the first end result, feel free to comment, to write insults, or just to say hullo.

This was made of course as a tribute to the Beasties and to their roots; and OF COURSE i am making no money from that, so i hope no major label is going to sue me for this.

THE ROOTS OF BEASTIE BOYS - part one (a.k.a. a funny game with beastie boys tunes and the original tracks they sampled - part one)

just an example of what you'll going to find...

that drive us to...

thank you.

ahahah what the fuck?!?

...that's what my colleague Alcides would say watching this video.

lunedì 10 giugno 2013


As previously announced, i did my last show with both YOU SUCK! and DRUG PROBLEMS on Thursday June, 6th @ Arci Taun, supporting hungarian bands Back Off and Crippled Fox.

It has been a great time playing with/in both bands.
The brigade is full of energy, ideas, power and i am sure their future actions will put them on a next level, above any other score they'll ever have reached with me in the band.

I had to quit because i don't have any more energy to dedicate to the band.
I think that if you don't feel the rage, the energy, and the spark to go on stage and destroy everything it's better to leave.
I have reached the point of no return; gotta move on to other things.

I have also deleted my facebook page. I had no interest in maintaining it active, so if you want to reach me the only way now is to write me an email at

That's all for now.

Keep on thrashing