lunedì 21 novembre 2016

speed kills...aka pasta power violence II LP (1999)


Compilation grindcore/powerviolence from 1999.
All italian bands.
On S.O.A. records.
This Lp marked the 50th release of the label.

Side A
1  –Entropia  "La Bambina" 
2 –Nagant 1895 "Nelle Fauci Del Nemico" 
3 –Jilted (2) "No Business Punk" 
4 –Comrades "Potere Nelle Strade" (Nabat)
5 –Obliteration  "Senso Unico" 
6 –No Somos Nada "Contro El Estado"
7 –Nuclear Grinder        "Discharge In The Garden" 
8 –Jesus Died Of Aids "Burnt Life" 
9 –Fucking Blood "Shit Everyday" 
10 –Enacoid [Untitled] 
11 –P820P "S.I.A.E. 
12 –Mururoa "Sulla Strada "
13 –Shears        "Una Nuova Identità" 
14 –Society Of Jesus "Libera Scelta" 
15 –Sexisuperpornohc "Macho Man" 
16 –Cripple Bastards "Cleaning My Ass With Zips & Chains" 
17 –Guerrieri [Untitled] 
18 –Vomit Fall "Home Struggle" 

Side B (22:06)
1 –Nuclear Devastation       "World Contagion" 
2 –Hatebox "Rivoluzione 90210"
3 –Kill The President  "No Work" 
4 –Stellina         "Blind" 
5 –I Cum Blood    "Marador"
6 –Burst Of Noise    "Song #5"
7 –Kartoffen 280      "Plaza De Toros" 
8 –Necroferox       "Necroferox" 
9 –Pizda Maderna   "Razprodaja" 
10 –Soffio      "Servo Motor" 
11 –Grievance "Cromo" 
12 –Dogfight       Bastardi" 
13 –Antisgammo "U$A & Getta" 
14 –Alterazione "Police Bastard" 
15 –Bluid "Ora" 
16 –Gozzilla [Untitled] 
17 –Los Vaticanos    "Avvocati Strozzini Legalizzati" 
18 –Clear Up      "Emo Pollution"

domenica 13 novembre 2016

ATTACK jap compilation (7 inch, Jungle Hop International records, 1987)

Compilation of japanese hardcore punk bands from the eighties on a french label.
I suppose it's from 1987.
Jungle Hop records 105

I found this one at my first record fair in Milano, 1995.
I was hangin' round with a bunch of younger friends who were laughing at me because, while they were purchasing limited edition of "cool" u.s. hardcore bands (i remember them buying UNIFORM CHOICE's "demos" double 7 inch among the others)i was checking the "used & very cheap" bins.
I ended up buying Discharge "never again" single, the "complete disorder" ep and this japanese sampler.

At the time I had no idea who these bands were and the history behind them.
It happens that recently, while checking discogs for other japcore gems, i run into the Jungle Hop label and noticed this wasn't filed.
Here it is.