domenica 13 novembre 2016

ATTACK jap compilation (7 inch, Jungle Hop International records, 1987)

Compilation of japanese hardcore punk bands from the eighties on a french label.
I suppose it's from 1987.
Jungle Hop records 105

I found this one at my first record fair in Milano, 1995.
I was hangin' round with a bunch of younger friends who were laughing at me because, while they were purchasing limited edition of "cool" u.s. hardcore bands (i remember them buying UNIFORM CHOICE's "demos" double 7 inch among the others)i was checking the "used & very cheap" bins.
I ended up buying Discharge "never again" single, the "complete disorder" ep and this japanese sampler.

At the time I had no idea who these bands were and the history behind them.
It happens that recently, while checking discogs for other japcore gems, i run into the Jungle Hop label and noticed this wasn't filed.
Here it is.


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