mercoledì 24 luglio 2013

+HIRS+ the first 100 songs LP version

Just discovered them on the May issue of Maximum Rocknroll. 
It's a two men band, from West Philadelphia; vocals + guitars, electronic drums and effects. 
They play a mix of grindcore, powerviolence and noisecore; they label themselves as a "fast queer band". The singer plays dressed as a woman, and one big issue for them is a "queer vs. cops" attitude; and definitively, i like it!

Finally, after a long search, i've found a new fast band that excites me so much. 
I am looking forward to get this one on a physical format, 100 songs Lp is just incredible!

They got a song called "dimebag" that lasts 2:30 minutes where they glued together the best of Pantera tunes, and the end result is simply great. 
Many many coversongs included, from Scholastic Deth to Jenny Piccolo   to Asterisk to Xbrainiax so you know this shit is real and fuckin' SMOOOOKES!

The fact they are using a drum machine it's not a big issue; their songs are precise, angry and aggressive but, mostly, varied. You never get the feel of boredom, on the contrary their lyrical and musical structures are genuinely diverse and imaginative.

I uploaded their record on mediafire, enjoy it.

+HIRS+ the first 100 songs

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and never forget to buy a copy of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL! 
It's distributed in Italy by AGIPUNK RECORDS