mercoledì 17 febbraio 2010

Xharold shitmanX demo

XharoldshitmanX Formed early 2009 from Ex and present members of MAFAFI (Scottish Thrashcore). Our aim was to play fast Thrash/Power Violence influenced by such bands as Spazz,Weekend Nachos,Charlies Bronson,Uzi Suicide. We have a 3" Cd (Sold Out) & Tape split (SOLD OUT) out on ZX Tapes & Derry Air Rec. We also had a Digital Xmas Release out on Zinerecords and 2 diffrent comps out on He Of The House Media & Meziprostor Records. We are also going back into the studio very soon to record new tracks and are looking to have 7" discography out later this year

Well, do they achieve what they try to?
Power violence is a very though territory, is not that easy to reach the goal of playing very good hyperfast'n'tight music without sounding derivative and just a copycat...but hey! This band can play music that has some meaning!
I can hear influences of both Agents of Satan and Spazz (and sometimes even Weekend Nachos, maybe because of their fat sound), but luckily enough this band can add some hardcorethrash that make things sound different.
Good job!
The demo they sent me thru email is a 5 tracks one, you can listen to their scheisse on their lyrics, and I'm sad because i can only imagine what titles like "Fuck you dad, give me money" or "False hc creates rapists" talk about.

Me like it!


RUNTIME TERROR is a 4 piece band from Wien (Osterreich, for you not-european-lovers). They have sent me in this cassette demo tape, old school style, which i really appreciate.
What we got here is 4 tracks of lo-fi hardcorethrash very noisy and chaotic. Not huge comparisons come to my mind, except maybe for some ARTYMUS PILE in the vocals. The only small problem with this band is the drum work, because i can't really stand that basic and sloppy "fake-hc" beat (one pedal hit every 2 snare hits), but anyway i've heard way woooorse drumming.
Some very good moshing breakdowns here and there complete the opera.
Lyrically, there are critics to the system (medias, religion) with a very personal perspective. I really enjoyed them!
4 songs, you can download this demo HERE