lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

xZIO FASTERx live Sabato 19 Marzo @ RDA Mayday LA SPEZIA


This band is definitively not thrash, but who cares?
This is white trash that can thrash, and they are from Israel.
They fuckin' rip!!!


YOU SUCK! (skatecore thrash) European Tour May 2011 + news

(from their official facebook page)


1:Saturday February 19th we played with ZIO FASTER! in Fano for the last show of UNQUARTOMORTO. It has been a special night because we missed a great band of italian hardcore scene.

Also for YOU SUCK! it has been an important night: it was the last time for Fede and Vale with us.

I feel to write for all YOU SUCK! members that it has been, without any doubts, an awesome and unforgettable year.No quarrel,argument or fight in the band...just a very hard decision to take. Our friendship and brotherhood remains the same the we have always shared. We are going to miss you so much, mates!

2: Some of you readers already know it, but anyway...We are so fuckin'happy to welcome in the band our great friends PULCE and LUCA (respectively on voice and guitar). We've got a thousand of projects for the future, as many stages to thrash and a lot of COCUJANJI GRABS to land with our skateboards together!

Here you can find the shows we are going to play with the new line up:




3:New merch comin'soon and a very special, limited edition record, so STAY TUNED!

last thing...KEEP ON THRASHIN'!

charlie/YOU SUCK!

So this means that yes, I have joined YOU SUCK! as a vocalist. I can't wait to hit the road again!

Soon I will be posting the complete tour dates

PHIL VANE of EXTREME NOISE TERROR is dead. Rest In Peace bro!

I have discovered it this morning while surfing the net.
Only 46 years they once said, "another nail in the coffin".

For those of you who didn't know this guy, he's the one with long dreadlocks.

lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

SMARTCOPS "Il Cattivo Tenente" video!

In attesa del concerto di presentazione del loro nuovo disco "Per Proteggere E Servire" (che si terrà il 04 Marzo al Covo di Bologna, con in apertura gli screamoni La Quiete) i 4 tutori della Legge ci regalano il video di "Il Cattivo Tenente", pezzo tratto dal suddetto album.


SMART COPS "Il Cattivo Tenente"

martedì 8 febbraio 2011

CRUCIAL SECTION euro tour - October 2011

It seems that the mighty japcore thrashers CRUCIAL SECTION will be hitting Europe again (first time was in 2009) next Autumn. I still know nothing about which places they will be hitting, or who is booking their shows, but I think a big part of this has to do with Guillome and his Crew For Life Europe (located in France).
Last time they played in Milano with us, Death Before Work!, but the biggest fun was at the "crusties meets thrashers" fest in Modena @ La Scintilla squat.
check out their video from that euro tour
(I think i have already posted it in the past, anyway is always a lot of fun)

If you want to contact them or Crew For Life Europe, here the links:
and this is the myspace for Crew For Life Japan/Crucial Section:

sabato 5 febbraio 2011

LEFT IN RUINS demo 2010

I am writing this one on the same day LEFT IN RUINS are going to play their first show!
And I am going to miss them, fuck!

This is a young band hailing from Trento, Italy.

Anyway: pure poetry.

what the fuck/i can't find a pussy
what the fuck/i can't find a fuck

what the fuck/i can't find a fuck to fuck

what the fuck

This is even better:
I shit on your bonehead and/I hate your mum because she fucked your dad

We have a band wich mixes fast hardcore with chugga chugga parts.
3 songs, but it's one long track.
Members of Crop Circles and The Consequence are into this project.

Trento rules, there's no escape!



mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

CROP CIRCLES new song download

Like abandoned ships

Do you remember CROP CIRCLES?

Well, they have recorded new tracks, including this one that is from their upcoming split (cd? LP? 7 inch?) with


( YOU CAN FIND THE FIRST EP BY LIGHT UP! HERE - I'll write something more about them later).

Both bands are searching coproducers to release their scheisse, write them!

Last time i saw Crop Circles playing was at 2010's FASTFEST in Ravenna, and they floored everybody with their unique brand of tight fast hardcore with blastbeats throw in here and there plus hints of old school youth crew (Youth of Today NOT Bane)



I have been thinking about this blog A LOT since last time I've posted something. So many people have asked me to review their new material, but I have been lazy and/or too busy in working on something new.
Now I am back!

This is my homage to Herbie Hancock and his wonderful grooovy music.
Lately, I have been listening to tons of old funk/jazz/old skool hip hop records and I have thought a lot about the word "groove".
The first time I was introduced into that word it was thru metal.
"Groove metal".
Does groove metal has any sense?

No it hasn't.

I don't need to listen to bad heavy metal to find some groove in good music, I have to go back to the roots of the black, powerful sound that started everything.
I suggest the younger kids listening to crappy mallcore to go back to the roots.
20 years ago could have been a lil' more uneasy doing that; internet was not an option and even cd's were far away to be widespread.


Everything was running from ghettoblaster to ghettoblaster through tapes.
You couldn't afford 20 Lp's every week, so you were lucky if your friend had that certain record in his dad's collection...
Today everything is easier. It's an old issue, and I am not one of those old farts crying about the good old times. I definitively prefer the way things work today; everything is accessible and you have no limits of getting a wider knowledge thru the web.

For example, I have started my personal trip into the world of old hip hop while checking some books on the net, and crushing into this one:

So I have been checking it's website, writing down some names, downloading their records and after that i have bought a copy of the book.
I am downloading tons of bands everyday, and those who i assume deserves my respect (ahah!) I try to buy their vinyls.

Anyway, I am still using tapes, collecting them, buying them and recording them.
My dad just gave me a stock of old C-64 tapes, still enveloped, and with my great pleasure they are fantastic when it comes to record over them!!!

This is the first one I have made:

and this is the cassette itself:

Well, I will be posting new scheisse in the next days. Mostly reviews, but also various thoughts and rants.
Stay tuned!

Forget to tell ya: check out those two blogs dealing with old skool hip hop.
(no downloads here, just infos)