lunedì 16 maggio 2016

HASTUR (aka ASTUREVOCATION)/P.82.0.P. split 7 inch "Beatificazzone" (1999)

Split seven inch between two italian bands from the Viterbo and Roma area.
Hastur plays some great blackened death grind (there are riffs reminding me of DEICIDE), while P.82.O.P. are more a dirty ultracore outfit (featuring the core of what would have become FRANK DREBIN).
Note: on the front cover, the name of the band is written HASTUR, while on the record's center label it's clearly written ASTUREVOCATION.

00:00 1 Prefunzione Antropocentrica
03:00 2 The Rotten Hearth Of Christianity

05:10 Beatificazzone
06:01 I Pezzi Di Cervello Di Diego
06:57 La Furia Del Hombrelobo
07:34 State Dogs (All Crust 25)
08:06 Can't Work


FRANK DREBIN (songs from split 7 inch with Mr Reeks)

1 Incaster
2 Pentito
3 Ketaflashone
4 Frank Drebin 

Frank Drebin:
Ernesto "Penguin" - chitarra
Sandrone "bangle" - chitarra
Stefano "Pisarro" - voce
Gabriel "Garfield" - voce
Giorgio "Presidente" - basso
Andrea "La furia del cimino" - batteria
Registrato all'hombrelobo studio da reeks e mixato da "scott" mengo - giugno 2000

Great band from Rome.
Think a mix of Deicide and ultracore stuff...lyrics about drugs and getting destroyed by them.


COMRADES katenaccio e kontropiede

"So we are we cook some fucking pasta, and you SHUT UP!"
With these great words starts one of the best live recordings EVER made. 
Great grindcore/fastcore band from Roma.

1 pasta power intro
2 slayerselfish
3 so scito dai grievance
4 stacco infest
5 rottaro
6 beyond the black (Growing Concern)
7 kick your ass
8 jacques chirac
9 glue (SSD)
10 tom g warrior rullatona
11 sad song
12 danza della pioggia ozzymiao
13 corta corta impestata
14 kommissario mosh lord vegan you suffer
15 poison

line up:
Orko - guitar
Wiesenthal - vocals
Bolivar - bass
Fuckingbastard - vocals
Nerone666 - drums

"Recorded live in Prague club 007 Summer 2002
mastered at temple of noise Roma
special thanx to missing link, thomas and Prague kids"


venerdì 13 maggio 2016

NAGANT 1895/OBTRUDE split 7 inch (1996)

Italian (ROMA) ultracore bands from mid '90s.
Featuring members of another dozen of bands (comrades, concrete, los vaticanos,  strenght approach just to name a few).
On SOA records/La Corona di Spine

NAGANT 1985 was:
Michele de Fusco e Gianluca Cipolla/voce
Francesco Birillo e Christian/chitarre
Capoccia basso
Gianluca Allegrini/batteria

Paolo Petralia/voce
Gianluca Allegrini/batteria


split 7 inch 45 rpm JEEG ROBOT/MAZINGER (1979)


Ed ecco a voi, LO split definitivo.
Probabilmente il primo disco che mi abbiano mai comprato da pischello.
Il lato Jeeg ovviamente il migliore, con un giro di basso funk da far accapponare la pelle.
Penso di non esagerare dicendo che da qui è partita la mia passione per certe sonorità funkeggianti.
Come si può ben vedere dalle foto che accompagnano i due brani del video, già allora avevo una certa predisposizione nel "personalizzare" gli oggetti Emoticon grin
Rip da vinile, zero overdubs zero equalizzazioni di sorta.
This is for the old skool.
(Edit: dimenticavo di aggiungere che, se non l'avete ancora fatto, scovate e guardatevi "lo chiamavano jeeg robot" con claudio santamaria, che è un piccolo capolavoro).

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martedì 10 maggio 2016


Hardcore punk band from Milano, mid '90s (I think it was recorded in 1995 or 1996).
Funny band in the vein of early Washington DC bands with the addiction of some flavoured NoFx riffing (don't forget it was the 90's..aaaaaaaah!).

I've got a personal story to tell about them.

I remember i was at this guy's birthday party in Cassina de Pecchi (a village close to Milano).
 I even remember his name, Marco Manera (It has been the first and last time I saw him).

I had just broke with my girlfriend, so a couple of friends took me to this place to have fun, drink some booze and try to fix my broken heart :D.
I remember that the house was packed with teenagers playing loud music, spitting and spilling beer from the terrace; a guy was ripping the phone cable from the wall just to hang people while doing the pogo dance on Sex Pistol's tunes (oh, jesus...).
Another bunch of them was in the living room watching "A clockwork orange" on vhs.
All of a sudden, someone rang the door and here we got those three punx/nerds, who looked like a cross between Ian MacKaye and the guys in "revenge of the nerds" movie, carrying a drumkit, a bass amp, a guitar amp and all the rest. They set up in the small living room (we were not in a backyard, it was the fifth floor of a huge building) and started playing this incredible fast music i got instantly mad for.
At the time i was still a metalhead with a passing phase for grunge band (hey, it was the 90's...again :D ) so i totally embraced that sound. How?
I started jumping on the two sofas placed one in front of the other like a mad! They stopped playing and the singer/bass player Simone told the others "look at that weirdo. he jumps like a PULCE (flea)!"
That's how i got my nickname. Good memories.
Enjoy and have fun.



Infos in the video.



LOS VATICANOS cassette demo - 1997

Check out all the infos in the video.
Thank you.