lunedì 16 maggio 2016

HASTUR (aka ASTUREVOCATION)/P.82.0.P. split 7 inch "Beatificazzone" (1999)

Split seven inch between two italian bands from the Viterbo and Roma area.
Hastur plays some great blackened death grind (there are riffs reminding me of DEICIDE), while P.82.O.P. are more a dirty ultracore outfit (featuring the core of what would have become FRANK DREBIN).
Note: on the front cover, the name of the band is written HASTUR, while on the record's center label it's clearly written ASTUREVOCATION.

00:00 1 Prefunzione Antropocentrica
03:00 2 The Rotten Hearth Of Christianity

05:10 Beatificazzone
06:01 I Pezzi Di Cervello Di Diego
06:57 La Furia Del Hombrelobo
07:34 State Dogs (All Crust 25)
08:06 Can't Work


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