lunedì 29 giugno 2009


I'm on tour with GIUDA until July the 27th.
So any update to this blog will be done when back!
Meanwhile, take a look at the tour dates and if you live near one of the city we're gonna hit, pass thru and say hi!
We'll drink some juice together.

Cheers and no beers

martedì 23 giugno 2009

SLAYER "psychopathy red" single

How could i have forget about this?

At this point, everybody knows them.
SLAYER is not a band, it's a total institution.
I don't think i can even explain how much i love SLAYER.
People won't understand.
I'll just let you know that once, i went to a SLAYER show here in Italy, and i got a 1 month cranial trauma because i was too excited, and i got so mad that I injured myself really bad.

This new single precedes their upcoming album "World Painted Blood"; it's a 2:31 speedy song with their typical riffing.
If you need a comparison, just think about something even more exciting than "War Ensemble", and you'll get the picture.

I got my original copy last week; I was happy like a 7 year old kid taken to the merry-go-round by his parents, on his birthday party.

Can't wait to listen to the new album.

(this is a quote from

- Limited to 5000
-The blood-red vinyl "Psychopathy Red" seven-inch collectors item will be
packaged in a special Russian crime scene "evidence envelope," as the song was
inspired by the heinous Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, a.k.a. the
Rostov Ripper, who confessed to brutally murdering 56 children.



PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI "de anarkistiske an(n)aler" LP


One man band.
No drum machine.
625 thrash # 218.
1000 mph grindcore.

If you think your life was ended with the capitulation of Insect Warfare, this one will turn on a new flame in you.

Very strong anarchist views, everything written and sung in norwegian but everything translated in english.
Graphically, it's a punch-in-da-face black and white; it's like Crass in 2009.
Global economy has failed, we're all paying the price.
This is the sound of the victory, by the defeated.
Download, listen and then get yourself a copy.
You greedy bastards.

martedì 9 giugno 2009


got this thru email this morning, so i tought it would have been cool to spread the message with some crossover thrash noise:

BANDANOS, fast crossover-thrash from são paulo, brazil:
their last cd was released by peculio discos in brazil and 625 thrash in the us. the band unites ex-members of ROT, Point Of No Return, Warhate, Questions... 

Ripping Crossover that I listened to over and over. Tight and speedy, and a record that has become one of my favourite releases of the year“ (MRR # 295) 


Mo 10/8 germany - potsdam 

Th 11/8 germany – rostock 

We 12/8 germany – luebeck 

Th 13/8 germany – hamburg/hafenklang w/reagan youth 

Fr 14/8 germany – leipzig/dresden 

Sa 15/8 germany – dresden/nünchritz 

Su 16/8 czech rep 

Mo 17/8 czech rep/slovakia/austria 

Tu 18/8 slovakia/austria 

We 19/8 hungary 

Th 20/8 hungary - festival gyor/egrix club 

Fr 21/8 slovenia 

Sa 22/8 italy 

Su 23/8 italy 

Mo 24/8 italy

Tu 25/8 switzerland/france 

We 26/8 france – nancy 

Th 27/8 france - nommay 

Fr 28/8 belgium – ieper fest 

Sa 29/8 belgium/france 

Su 30/8 belgium/holland 

Mo 31/8 holland 

Tu 1/9 holland / germany 

We 2/9 germany 

Th 3/9 germany 

Fr 4/9 germany 

Sa 5/9 germany 

sabato 6 giugno 2009

WHAT? demo 2009

I got this demo from Des, who sings and plays bass geetar in this new all female band from Rome called WHAT? (by the way, perfect name! It matches with DIE! or ANTI YOU!).
They are very young and this demo in full of energy and in-your-face hardcore punk with spitten coarsed lyrics very fuckin' punkrock! Cool stuff!
Musically i think they stand in the area of the bands aforementioned, but the female vocals add something unique to the final result.

Can we call it the ROMA SOUND of the 2000's?

My favourite tracks are SMETTILA (already an anthem!) and AVG (i love songs dealing with unknown people - unknown for the listener, at least).
I can't wait to play together with them, and uh! don't forget to get yourself a green bandana, or you won't be able to meet the A-CREW
You've been warned.



martedì 2 giugno 2009


Cazzo son passati già 8 anni.
8 anni fa mi trovavo in giro per Roma a fare una vacanza d'ammore con la mia ragazza, e nel girovagare tra le bellezze della capitale ci imbattemmo nel volantino di un concerto con Fuckin' Blood, Aniene (se la memoria non mi inganna) e forse un terzo gruppo che ora non ricordo.
Fu una bomba trovarsi lì assieme agli amici romani; la cosa si fece ancora più divertente perchè improvvisammo un gruppetto per l'occasione: io alla voce, Giorgio Frank Debrin (all'epoca occupante Torre Maura) e Mr. Capoccia alla batteria.
Ci facemmo chiamare CIRCOSTANZA (viste le circostanze...) e cagammo fuori dei pezzi bass/batt/vox grindcrust totalmente improvvisati, giusto per fare un pò di caciara.
8 anni dopo Des, del gruppo WHAT? (autori di un demo che verrà recensito a brevissimo, fastcore thrash "alla romana") mi manda questo volantino, ricordandomi del compleanno del centro...Bella lì, ce ne vogliono 10000 di posti come il Bencivenga.