sabato 6 giugno 2009

WHAT? demo 2009

I got this demo from Des, who sings and plays bass geetar in this new all female band from Rome called WHAT? (by the way, perfect name! It matches with DIE! or ANTI YOU!).
They are very young and this demo in full of energy and in-your-face hardcore punk with spitten coarsed lyrics very fuckin' punkrock! Cool stuff!
Musically i think they stand in the area of the bands aforementioned, but the female vocals add something unique to the final result.

Can we call it the ROMA SOUND of the 2000's?

My favourite tracks are SMETTILA (already an anthem!) and AVG (i love songs dealing with unknown people - unknown for the listener, at least).
I can't wait to play together with them, and uh! don't forget to get yourself a green bandana, or you won't be able to meet the A-CREW
You've been warned.



2 commenti:

  1. oi pulce,ancora mille grazie per la recensione!!

    comunque il batterista nostro è stato molto felice di leggere "female band" ahahahah!!

    saluti da romahc