martedì 23 giugno 2009

SLAYER "psychopathy red" single

How could i have forget about this?

At this point, everybody knows them.
SLAYER is not a band, it's a total institution.
I don't think i can even explain how much i love SLAYER.
People won't understand.
I'll just let you know that once, i went to a SLAYER show here in Italy, and i got a 1 month cranial trauma because i was too excited, and i got so mad that I injured myself really bad.

This new single precedes their upcoming album "World Painted Blood"; it's a 2:31 speedy song with their typical riffing.
If you need a comparison, just think about something even more exciting than "War Ensemble", and you'll get the picture.

I got my original copy last week; I was happy like a 7 year old kid taken to the merry-go-round by his parents, on his birthday party.

Can't wait to listen to the new album.

(this is a quote from

- Limited to 5000
-The blood-red vinyl "Psychopathy Red" seven-inch collectors item will be
packaged in a special Russian crime scene "evidence envelope," as the song was
inspired by the heinous Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, a.k.a. the
Rostov Ripper, who confessed to brutally murdering 56 children.



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  1. hai capito gli slayer che chicca di vinile...
    ebbravo pulce che te lo sei 'cattato!