lunedì 21 novembre 2016

speed kills...aka pasta power violence II LP (1999)


Compilation grindcore/powerviolence from 1999.
All italian bands.
On S.O.A. records.
This Lp marked the 50th release of the label.

Side A
1  –Entropia  "La Bambina" 
2 –Nagant 1895 "Nelle Fauci Del Nemico" 
3 –Jilted (2) "No Business Punk" 
4 –Comrades "Potere Nelle Strade" (Nabat)
5 –Obliteration  "Senso Unico" 
6 –No Somos Nada "Contro El Estado"
7 –Nuclear Grinder        "Discharge In The Garden" 
8 –Jesus Died Of Aids "Burnt Life" 
9 –Fucking Blood "Shit Everyday" 
10 –Enacoid [Untitled] 
11 –P820P "S.I.A.E. 
12 –Mururoa "Sulla Strada "
13 –Shears        "Una Nuova Identità" 
14 –Society Of Jesus "Libera Scelta" 
15 –Sexisuperpornohc "Macho Man" 
16 –Cripple Bastards "Cleaning My Ass With Zips & Chains" 
17 –Guerrieri [Untitled] 
18 –Vomit Fall "Home Struggle" 

Side B (22:06)
1 –Nuclear Devastation       "World Contagion" 
2 –Hatebox "Rivoluzione 90210"
3 –Kill The President  "No Work" 
4 –Stellina         "Blind" 
5 –I Cum Blood    "Marador"
6 –Burst Of Noise    "Song #5"
7 –Kartoffen 280      "Plaza De Toros" 
8 –Necroferox       "Necroferox" 
9 –Pizda Maderna   "Razprodaja" 
10 –Soffio      "Servo Motor" 
11 –Grievance "Cromo" 
12 –Dogfight       Bastardi" 
13 –Antisgammo "U$A & Getta" 
14 –Alterazione "Police Bastard" 
15 –Bluid "Ora" 
16 –Gozzilla [Untitled] 
17 –Los Vaticanos    "Avvocati Strozzini Legalizzati" 
18 –Clear Up      "Emo Pollution"

domenica 13 novembre 2016

ATTACK jap compilation (7 inch, Jungle Hop International records, 1987)

Compilation of japanese hardcore punk bands from the eighties on a french label.
I suppose it's from 1987.
Jungle Hop records 105

I found this one at my first record fair in Milano, 1995.
I was hangin' round with a bunch of younger friends who were laughing at me because, while they were purchasing limited edition of "cool" u.s. hardcore bands (i remember them buying UNIFORM CHOICE's "demos" double 7 inch among the others)i was checking the "used & very cheap" bins.
I ended up buying Discharge "never again" single, the "complete disorder" ep and this japanese sampler.

At the time I had no idea who these bands were and the history behind them.
It happens that recently, while checking discogs for other japcore gems, i run into the Jungle Hop label and noticed this wasn't filed.
Here it is.


domenica 23 ottobre 2016

THRASH AHOY! volume one 7 inch

This is the first volume of three (i've just discovered that).
A real barrage of noise in pure japanese style from 1999.

Three labels involved (Thrash Ahoy, Killed By Fast and One Coin), fourteen bands for a total of 27 songs in 11:23 total running time.

This is timeless thrash, including by now legendary Unholy Grave, Fuck On The Beach and Nice View plus a couple of never heard like K.N.K. or Skunk.
Among my favorite are  the grinding maniacs I.R.F. (still devouring their split ep with Dahmer, I'll post it later).

Recently, my passion for crazy japanese fastcore maniacs has grown back as in the past. 

I am trying to put my hands on every gem I can find -for reasonable prices- with roots well planted in noise.
Bands like Gibbed, D.O.N.D.O.N., Aburadako, Idora or more recent bands like ADA+MAX and Flipout AA are amazing and know how to floor everybody at shows!!!



Pictures of You - from Barcelona with love

When in Barcelona...and you do not want to come back home.
Good vegan food, great record shops, the weather is simply perfect.
Can't wait to be back.

(how fun is it when you find this record in the funk corner of the shop?)

(this one record shop was so packed i lost interest after 5 minutes; two rooms COMPLETELY packed with any sort of vinyl record from any country of the world and of any musical sub-genre. When i put myself in this weird situation i usually start to sweat, can't breath properly, my mouth gets dry in 5 seconds and i call it quits. I literally can not think in front of all this stuff)

(BEASTIE BOYS "paul's boutique"
SURE - i already own an original copy, but hey this is not gatefold as my 1989 version, this is QUADRUPLE GATEFOLD and you know i had to buy it)

(URIAH HEEP "sweet freedom"
I discovered this one thru Darkthrone's Fenriz. This is a russian edition, complete with booklet, found in a record shop mainly packed with techno/electronic music. Good one.)

(OBSCURE/HUMAN WASTE demos - never heard of both bands, but the price was tempting and the layout undoubtely OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL so I wanted to give it a try. decent death metal from Spain, both demos reprinted on vinyl)

(momma miss america! I've never been a fan of the guy in the picture, but i've discovered a song sampled by the beasties on paul's boutique - an instrumental, actually - which is very groovy with a bit of a melancholic refrain. check it out if you can! all the album is very good, actually)

(In the '80s I was frightened by Grace Jones. there was an advertisement on tv for a french car company, and her look and her gaze always  sent creeps down my spine. thirty years later, a friend of mine played her version of "warm leatherette" for me during a car trip, and after a quick internet search i have discovered this little gem. Mute records number 1, this is the root that started it all. very very creepy and exciting both ways)

lunedì 29 agosto 2016

DJ PANINO live dj set - Sabato 03 Settembre 2016 Fidenza (PR) @ Parbleu! // Settima Mostra Jamais Vu

 Jazz funk, funky, soul, blaxploitation soundtracks, late 70's rap.
Rigorosamente in vinile.


"La nuova mostra dell'associazione culturale Jamais Vu sta nascendo. Il tema di quest'anno è semplice.
Il blu.
Uno dei tre colori primari. Ricco di significati simbolici ed esoterici. Per i cinesi simbolo di immortalità, nel cristianesimo veniva associato alla potenza creatrice di Dio. 
Come scrisse Goethe nel suo trattato sulla teoria del colore “c’è qualcosa di contraddittorio in esso che dà carica e che calma”, il blu si investe del duplice significato di colore che dà quiete ma anche inquietudine.
Da sempre utilizzato nella storia dell’arte, parte fondamentale delle ricerche personali di Yves Klein e Pablo Picasso, esso diviene mezzo espressivo di grande potenza evocativa per artisti quali Matisse,Kandinsky e i più grandi pittori Impressionisti.
PARBLEU! sarà una mostra diversa dagli altri anni. 
Concentrata in 3 giorni darà spazio a suggestive performances live di artisti dell'illustrazione, della street art e del video.
Un weekend di forti emozioni.
Rimanete sintonizzati per saperne di più.


A Prophet (2009)

One of the best movies ever seen.

A Prophet (French: Un prophète) is a 2009 French prison drama-crime film directed by Jacques Audiard from a screenplay he co-wrote with Thomas Bidegain, Abdel Raouf Dafri and Nicolas Peufaillit. The film stars Tahar Rahim in the title role as an imprisoned petty criminal of Algerian origins who rises in the inmate hierarchy, becoming an assassin and drug trafficker as he initiates himself into the Corsican and then Muslim subcultures.
For Audiard, the film aims at "creating icons, images for people who don't have images in movies, like the Arabs in France,"[3] though he also had stated that the film "has nothing to do with his vision of society," and is a work of fiction.[4]
The film won the BAFTA for Best Film Not in the English Language and nine Césars (including Best Film, Director, Actor and Supporting Actor), in addition to prizes at both the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and the London Film Festival. It was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards."

lunedì 16 maggio 2016

HASTUR (aka ASTUREVOCATION)/P.82.0.P. split 7 inch "Beatificazzone" (1999)

Split seven inch between two italian bands from the Viterbo and Roma area.
Hastur plays some great blackened death grind (there are riffs reminding me of DEICIDE), while P.82.O.P. are more a dirty ultracore outfit (featuring the core of what would have become FRANK DREBIN).
Note: on the front cover, the name of the band is written HASTUR, while on the record's center label it's clearly written ASTUREVOCATION.

00:00 1 Prefunzione Antropocentrica
03:00 2 The Rotten Hearth Of Christianity

05:10 Beatificazzone
06:01 I Pezzi Di Cervello Di Diego
06:57 La Furia Del Hombrelobo
07:34 State Dogs (All Crust 25)
08:06 Can't Work


FRANK DREBIN (songs from split 7 inch with Mr Reeks)

1 Incaster
2 Pentito
3 Ketaflashone
4 Frank Drebin 

Frank Drebin:
Ernesto "Penguin" - chitarra
Sandrone "bangle" - chitarra
Stefano "Pisarro" - voce
Gabriel "Garfield" - voce
Giorgio "Presidente" - basso
Andrea "La furia del cimino" - batteria
Registrato all'hombrelobo studio da reeks e mixato da "scott" mengo - giugno 2000

Great band from Rome.
Think a mix of Deicide and ultracore stuff...lyrics about drugs and getting destroyed by them.


COMRADES katenaccio e kontropiede

"So we are we cook some fucking pasta, and you SHUT UP!"
With these great words starts one of the best live recordings EVER made. 
Great grindcore/fastcore band from Roma.

1 pasta power intro
2 slayerselfish
3 so scito dai grievance
4 stacco infest
5 rottaro
6 beyond the black (Growing Concern)
7 kick your ass
8 jacques chirac
9 glue (SSD)
10 tom g warrior rullatona
11 sad song
12 danza della pioggia ozzymiao
13 corta corta impestata
14 kommissario mosh lord vegan you suffer
15 poison

line up:
Orko - guitar
Wiesenthal - vocals
Bolivar - bass
Fuckingbastard - vocals
Nerone666 - drums

"Recorded live in Prague club 007 Summer 2002
mastered at temple of noise Roma
special thanx to missing link, thomas and Prague kids"


venerdì 13 maggio 2016

NAGANT 1895/OBTRUDE split 7 inch (1996)

Italian (ROMA) ultracore bands from mid '90s.
Featuring members of another dozen of bands (comrades, concrete, los vaticanos,  strenght approach just to name a few).
On SOA records/La Corona di Spine

NAGANT 1985 was:
Michele de Fusco e Gianluca Cipolla/voce
Francesco Birillo e Christian/chitarre
Capoccia basso
Gianluca Allegrini/batteria

Paolo Petralia/voce
Gianluca Allegrini/batteria


split 7 inch 45 rpm JEEG ROBOT/MAZINGER (1979)


Ed ecco a voi, LO split definitivo.
Probabilmente il primo disco che mi abbiano mai comprato da pischello.
Il lato Jeeg ovviamente il migliore, con un giro di basso funk da far accapponare la pelle.
Penso di non esagerare dicendo che da qui è partita la mia passione per certe sonorità funkeggianti.
Come si può ben vedere dalle foto che accompagnano i due brani del video, già allora avevo una certa predisposizione nel "personalizzare" gli oggetti Emoticon grin
Rip da vinile, zero overdubs zero equalizzazioni di sorta.
This is for the old skool.
(Edit: dimenticavo di aggiungere che, se non l'avete ancora fatto, scovate e guardatevi "lo chiamavano jeeg robot" con claudio santamaria, che è un piccolo capolavoro).

giovedì 12 maggio 2016