domenica 23 ottobre 2016

Pictures of You - from Barcelona with love

When in Barcelona...and you do not want to come back home.
Good vegan food, great record shops, the weather is simply perfect.
Can't wait to be back.

(how fun is it when you find this record in the funk corner of the shop?)

(this one record shop was so packed i lost interest after 5 minutes; two rooms COMPLETELY packed with any sort of vinyl record from any country of the world and of any musical sub-genre. When i put myself in this weird situation i usually start to sweat, can't breath properly, my mouth gets dry in 5 seconds and i call it quits. I literally can not think in front of all this stuff)

(BEASTIE BOYS "paul's boutique"
SURE - i already own an original copy, but hey this is not gatefold as my 1989 version, this is QUADRUPLE GATEFOLD and you know i had to buy it)

(URIAH HEEP "sweet freedom"
I discovered this one thru Darkthrone's Fenriz. This is a russian edition, complete with booklet, found in a record shop mainly packed with techno/electronic music. Good one.)

(OBSCURE/HUMAN WASTE demos - never heard of both bands, but the price was tempting and the layout undoubtely OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL so I wanted to give it a try. decent death metal from Spain, both demos reprinted on vinyl)

(momma miss america! I've never been a fan of the guy in the picture, but i've discovered a song sampled by the beasties on paul's boutique - an instrumental, actually - which is very groovy with a bit of a melancholic refrain. check it out if you can! all the album is very good, actually)

(In the '80s I was frightened by Grace Jones. there was an advertisement on tv for a french car company, and her look and her gaze always  sent creeps down my spine. thirty years later, a friend of mine played her version of "warm leatherette" for me during a car trip, and after a quick internet search i have discovered this little gem. Mute records number 1, this is the root that started it all. very very creepy and exciting both ways)

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