domenica 24 gennaio 2010


In the wait of new reviews, do yourself a favor and check out these new bands from italy:

They are from Bologna, playing frantic and ballistic hardcore thrash REALLY fast, think about DRI and MUNICIPAL WASTE on speed. they are 3 dudes and their live shows are amazing.
A new band with members of Intoxicated playing old school death metal the way it MUST be played. Still never seen them alive, they have a demotape out now that simply rocks. Soon to be made their first lp.
This one is from Trento, featuring ex-members of a band whose name i cannot remember right now, they play hardcore with a very dirty and raw edge and some hyperspeed addiction.
Maybe they remind me of Gonna Fall Hard without the extremely high pitched vokills, or some band on 625thrash like Down In Flames. Anyway,extremely good! Can't wait to see them live! They have a cd-r demo out!
Contact them NOW!

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