domenica 24 gennaio 2010

Back in action.
On new years' evening party i fucked up my left knee.
Still today, i don't know what the fuck my leg is suffering for, I can only hope in the next days some answers will help me to understand the situation. I have some difficulties in walking, and obviously it's almost impossible to think about a "normal" show with Death Before Work!
I have no regrets even if it's all my fault.
Take care of your legs dudes, they are fucking precious.
In a couple of months or so since my last post, I've collected many different records, both old and new. Plus, I've been contacted by many bands around the world to submit their demos to the webzine. As usual, I'm slooowly working on the new material, and maybe i will also add some new interviews here and there. I've been pretty lazy recently - no, maybe it's just like always...duh - but i'll try to keep things updated for fuck's sake.
Let's start this month with a playlist:

NECRO power from the grave demotape
THINK BRIGADE laugh it off cd
CANNABIS CORPSE the weeding ep
MUNICIPAL WASTE massive aggressive lp and live
REANIMANIACS demo and live

more soon, keep in touch!

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