sabato 5 febbraio 2011

LEFT IN RUINS demo 2010

I am writing this one on the same day LEFT IN RUINS are going to play their first show!
And I am going to miss them, fuck!

This is a young band hailing from Trento, Italy.

Anyway: pure poetry.

what the fuck/i can't find a pussy
what the fuck/i can't find a fuck

what the fuck/i can't find a fuck to fuck

what the fuck

This is even better:
I shit on your bonehead and/I hate your mum because she fucked your dad

We have a band wich mixes fast hardcore with chugga chugga parts.
3 songs, but it's one long track.
Members of Crop Circles and The Consequence are into this project.

Trento rules, there's no escape!



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