mercoledì 17 febbraio 2010


RUNTIME TERROR is a 4 piece band from Wien (Osterreich, for you not-european-lovers). They have sent me in this cassette demo tape, old school style, which i really appreciate.
What we got here is 4 tracks of lo-fi hardcorethrash very noisy and chaotic. Not huge comparisons come to my mind, except maybe for some ARTYMUS PILE in the vocals. The only small problem with this band is the drum work, because i can't really stand that basic and sloppy "fake-hc" beat (one pedal hit every 2 snare hits), but anyway i've heard way woooorse drumming.
Some very good moshing breakdowns here and there complete the opera.
Lyrically, there are critics to the system (medias, religion) with a very personal perspective. I really enjoyed them!
4 songs, you can download this demo HERE

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