lunedì 10 giugno 2013


As previously announced, i did my last show with both YOU SUCK! and DRUG PROBLEMS on Thursday June, 6th @ Arci Taun, supporting hungarian bands Back Off and Crippled Fox.

It has been a great time playing with/in both bands.
The brigade is full of energy, ideas, power and i am sure their future actions will put them on a next level, above any other score they'll ever have reached with me in the band.

I had to quit because i don't have any more energy to dedicate to the band.
I think that if you don't feel the rage, the energy, and the spark to go on stage and destroy everything it's better to leave.
I have reached the point of no return; gotta move on to other things.

I have also deleted my facebook page. I had no interest in maintaining it active, so if you want to reach me the only way now is to write me an email at

That's all for now.

Keep on thrashing


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