lunedì 30 agosto 2010


Yeah you' ve read it right!!!
DEATH BEFORE WORK! will enter the studio next October to release their second full lenght, which probably will be called "WELCOME TO ITALY...THE LAND OF NO FUN".
We got between 15 and 20 tracks ready, and we can't wait to put them on vinyl!

The last 2 years have been very chaotic for our band. I have moved in another city and our bass player Doner moved in a different country, so things have been reeeeeaaally sloooooooow.
Actually, we don't even have a regular bass player; in fact, Tadzio is helping us on live duties, but he won't take part to the recording process.
Why am i explaining all the same old story for the 10000th time?

Well, this recording could be the last one for us.
We are growing up ("...moving away", quoting Society of Friends) and the whole socio/economical and political situation in Italy is getting worse day by day.
We are the new generation of people with no future, and even if this could sound exciting to your ears - remember we are not in 1977 anymore - for us this means only one thing: no job, no money, no records, just moving away to better living conditions.
Italy is no fun.

This record will be financied by my new label, THRASHMANIAC RECORDS.
It could be the last good effort for this band, and i (we) want it to be the best thing ever made by us, as a band.

That's it.

Meanwhile, i have started to trade copies of DEATH BEFORE WORK'S earlier material with foreigner labels (To Live A Lie, Unholy Thrash, Crew For Life...) to start a new distribution and to spread our music as far as possible.

if you are interested in trading, write me a line or two at pulcethrash(at)gmail(dot)com.

Next post will be about that.
Enjoy thrash and keep music DIY and affordable!

From the kids, to the kids


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  1. mi vien male a pensare che potrebbe essere il vostro ultimo disco

  2. Buona fortuna per tutto e per tutti!