domenica 24 ottobre 2010


C'mon let's go back as in the good old days!

I have been pretty depressed in the last 2 months.

It seems that i have had Saturn working against me.

I have never cared about horoscopes or strange, weird stuff like that, but my wife yesterday read me a couple of them who were written 6 months ago, and they were a loyal picture of what i have been through in recent times; and i actually have started thinking about it.

I mean, if the moon has an influence on the sea, why all the planets/satellites shouldn't have a certain influence on our lives?

I don't think it's something "magic", since i don't believe in anything except the REALITY, but i am going to read some books about this topic soon or later.


This time i am posting a split 7 inch bought on a recent trip to Berlin (again...) and the 2 bands simply DESTROY everything!

INTERARMA hasn't, but they share members with another half dozen of bands.

Both are from Richmond, VIRGINIA, of course.

I have never seen any of them playing live - i really HAVE TO move for a US trip to catch them sweating hard on a stage - but I met Andy from both Battlemaster and Cannabis Corpse when CC played in Italy last February, and he seemed a fuckin' cool guy to hang out with!

ENJOY here!

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  1. We would gladly trade places with you in Italy! But then if you moved to USA and we move to Italy, WE COULDNT HANG OUT!! NO!!! <3<3<3 -Steve-o