venerdì 31 dicembre 2010

xZIO FASTERx - 2 songs from rehearsals

Yes! Ho aperto una pagina facebook per gli xZio Fasterx, dato che myspace è diventato ingestibile...allora ho pensato "perché non mettere anche un paio di canzoni per far sentire cosa facciamo a chi non ci conosce?"

xZIO FASTERx facebook




giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

distro update! GIVE PRAISE RECORDS

New arrival from GIVE PRAISE RECORDS.
contact me @:

pulcethrash (at)gmail(dot)com


LORD GREEN - Higher Than God 7"
Guitar solos, heavy sound walls and fuzzed out vocals make this for a killer record. Good time changes and solid sound walls round out the two songs on this single. Slow parts and heavy rock parts combine in to make a unique sound for these folks. This release would totally fit well next to SHEEEP, being a noisy blend of psychedelic thrashcore!

GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS - Antifreeze 7" EP
Guns 'N Rosa Parks is a band from the cold depths of Denver, Colorado. Harping in on the cold west hardcore bands, they truly make places like this stand out! Places that are not necessarily made for human people but noted Hardcore/punkrock historians, this maybe the perfect place. These folks plow through the songs with hardcore intensity! Oldschool hardcore blasts, and very catchy punk/hardcore breaks flow into circle pits, just so they can keep warm in the cold Denver weather. Fast and raw! They have been around since '04 and putting out numerous demos, cdrs, and a split 7" with In Defence, they are finally hear to dust off the snow and lay out a Full Length EP for themselves. This EP is stop-and-go oldschool hardcore from the start! Angry, and sincere about getting this done right! Also comes with a zine!

This is the final musical output for both of these bands! Brutal powerviolence, rotting grindcore, marijuana debacles.

DEEP SHIT - Creepin' While You Sleepin' 7"
West coast inspired powerviolence! Taking cues from fastcore crews like Plutocracy. Bringing in their own unique Wisconsin flavor! Righteous blasts and tight lines reign in over in-your-throat vocals! Crept' in from the cold crews of the Wisconsin border! Blasting fastcore!

domenica 19 dicembre 2010

a BRAZILIAN THRASHCORE compilation made by myself. Uh yeah!

Quando ero più giovane, senza un soldo e da poco felicemente convivente, ero solito scroccare la connessione internet un po da una parte ed un po dall'altra.
Ricordo che spendevo 2 euro di connessione al giorno in un internet point gestito da arabi, e giravo tutti i siti di gruppi death/thrash/grind/fast/powerviolence possibili ed immaginabili, scaricando le tracce free messe a disposizione dal gruppo stesso.
Sovente, capitava nella fretta dello scaricaggio selvaggio di mettere su cd anche tracce con fade in/fade out, ovvero dei sampler di brani assai più lunghi.
I metallari hanno il vizio di fare questa cosa; "per preservare il diritto di autore su questo mio incredibile brano, te ne faccio sentire/scaricare solo una parte".
Ognimodo, qualche anno fa mi son strippato a cercare gruppi braziliani su myspace; piano piano ne accumulai un numero considerevole, e decisi quindi di farmi una bella compilazia in cd (dopo tanti anni di comp. tapes - cassette che comunque mi strippo a fare ancora).

38 brani per 13 gruppi; non ho mai avuto modo di segnare i titoli di tutti i pezzi.
Potete sempre andare a cercare sul myspace relativo al gruppo e tirarvi giù quanto abbisognate direttamente dal gruppo stesso.

Musicalmente si passa dal fast hardcore, al thrash metal al crossoverone (POSSUIDO PELO CAO su tutti)

Ecco la tracklist:

5-8 AMOR
13-14 CATARRO (gran nome, eh?)

venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

Interview with WILL from TO LIVE A LIE records

TO LIVE A LIE records is a cool label focused on very rough sounding bands.
Fastcore, powerviolence, grindcore is the noize we love to hear and the noize Will loves to spread!
I have discovered his label through my favorite band XBRAINIAX (check out interview elsewhere on this site), and after i have started buying records from this label a world has opened in front of me! Bands like DEAD RADICAL (-WRONG! DxRx NEVER RELEASED ANYTHING ON TLAL - SORRY READERS AND MOSTLY, SORRY WILL!/pulce-) , HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, ARCHAGATHUS, FINAL DRAFT, BLOODY PHOENIX are just few examples of bands that worked with the label. I have had a small conversation thru the web with Will, the mind behind this project. Enjoy!

1- Hi Wiil: write us a brief history of To Live A Lie records: who you are, when you started this project, where are you from...?
Well my name is Will, I guess that is obvious already, I hail from the USA and I live in the south down in North Carolina. I guess my main contribution to the DIY scene is through my label so that is who I am as far as most things are concerned, just a guy who really loves music and wants to have a hand in it. The formation of TLAL started with my friends Rick and Dub (both in Shitstorm and Ricky plays in Torche) asking me to do a Magrudergrind record. I had originally been talking to those two brothers to put out their old band's record and that is how they knew I'd be interested. They ended up not being able to do the record and I split released it with Jorge from Nuclear BBQ Party. That record came out in 2005 and started out with me not knowing what I was doing but I was really driven to do something positive with it. Did a lot of trading, hyped a lot on the Internet, and was pretty proactive. So to fastforward time, I kept putting out releases... mainly split releases with other labels for a good long time. I've been focusing more on doing more releases only on my label as of late.

2 - Why TO LIVE A LIE? It sounds like a line from a grindcore album...Phobia maybe?
The name comes from something I thought it up as a kid. It is actually pretty lame sounding but I had it as an AIM screenname when I was probably thirteen or so. Around the age of seventeen I started booking shows and used instant messenger a lot to get stuff worked out. Really its just a name that I felt represented me, so why rip something from someone else if you have something that means something to you personally? The band In Disgust did write a song with the same name, but that was after the label had started.

3- Who have you been inspired by?
I have a really good circle of dudes I talk to about music. It is really inspiring to watch the big DIY labels do their thing, I think labels like Six Weeks, RSR, Deep Six, Bones Brigade, and quite a few others are doing an amazing job. I'm more inspired however by the people I have direct contact with and will talk to me and get stoked on music and releases with me. Will Toftness who used to be in Hip Cops and runs a label called BSP Propaganda is a great inspiration. Also Ralph from Haunted Hotel and I recently started talking more to Pat from Backslide who does Blastcat Records. Ira who plays in a few local bands and my roommates get me amped on music. It is all about ethics and positivity, gets me excited!

4 - What was the first record you released?
Godstomper/Magrudergrind split. We did like 1k of those things. After that I put out the Rhino Charge 7" which wasn't a split release and did 1k of those too. Had a lot of luck at the begining of my label.

5 - What was the best record done 'til now?
You can't put me on the spot like that! I have an affinity towards everything I've put out (that is the diplomatic thing to say right?). I look back and I've put in a lot of work into everything and each release is totally worth it. I think this new Sex Prisoner EP is astounding as far as new stuff to be stoked on. The Magnum Force EP will be killer too.

6 - A band you dream to have on your label?
I'm working with one right one for TLAL45! I'm working with Assholeparade. Always loved them, feeds my love for hardcore mixed with that abrassive fast powerviolence. Hmm... who else would I like to work with? I could make an exquisite list of some off the top of my head,, Low Threat Profile, Despise You, Looking for an Answer, Bathtub Shitter... man and I had this crazy idea the other day and I actually shot a few emails with the group, it'd be awesome to do a split record with a band that I deal with that is animal rights oriented and the vegan hiphop group Dead Prez. Think they might have gotten scared off when they actually looked at my label but I think that would be the coolest thing ever.

7 - In my little world, the only known band from Raleigh is C.O.C.
Do you know they are just back with the "Animosity" line up?
What do you think of them...and please tell us about more bands/venues from your area!
COC was rad the other day when I saw them, I have pictures from it even. The show was a little mellow as far as the crowd was cocerned which was slightly disappointing . I'm surprised you didn't namedrop Double Negative too... those dudes are/have been blowing up. Let me do a fastcore speed list of bands and what they are about... Devour - heavy, spastic, and non-repetative, Thieves - angry fast fast hardcore, Stripmines - Siege/Heresy worshiping pissed hardcore, Old Painless - super new techish grind band, Burma - young kids, new band, think Converge mixed with powerviolence, No Tomorrow - crust from two hours away at the beach.

8 - Are you making a living off the label?
If so, has it been hard to reach that level?
And if you aren't, what is your daily job?
Is it hard to have a daily life and running a label?
Oh hell no. I'm probably losing money on the label... I mean I was selling $3 7"s for a long time, now I hardly charge much more. Larger labels get a huge break by pressing a ton of records and then turn around and sell a 7"s for $6 or an LP for $15. That is what it takes to reach that level. I do IT (computers) for the state of North Carolina for a day job. I have figured out a decently good way to balance life and the label.. I limit the amount of time I work on it. One day a week is a record packing day, maybe one on the weekend, and one shipping day. I try to work on label stuff during my day job as much as I can. TLAL is a labor of love, I have no kids and no pet.. this is where my time goes.

9 - Future plans and releases
Are you ready for the insane (I'm going to be mega broke) list:
TLAL40 - xBrainiax - Deprogrammed CD+
TLAL42 - Agathocles / Violent Gorge - split 7"
TLAL44 - Unholy Grave / Tinner - split 7"
TLAL45 - Assholeparade - Live in Rostock 10"
TLAL46 - Magnum Force - Self-Loathing 7"
TLAL47 - Backslider- s/t 7"
TLAL48 - Godstomper / Dos Amigos - split 7"
TLAL49 - Mehkago N.T. - Massive Fucking Headwound LP
TLAL50 - V/A - To Live A Lie 7"
TLALXX - Archagathus - Canadian Horse LP
TLALXX - V/A - Third Wave Powerviolence CD
TLALXX - Deathrats - TBA 7"
TLALXX - Suffering Luna - TBA LP
TLALXX - Seasick - Eschaton LP
TLALXX - Get Destroyed! - Shut In 7"

10 - Are you going to reprint those cool TLAL caps? (This one is for me ahahahahah)
Oh man those were from forever ago. My suggestion, take a black hat.. get a white out pen and make an awesome customized one of a kind flip hat of your own. Out mutual homie Steveo got a hat airbrushed at the fair with TLAL on it and it looks amazing. DIY fashion!

(this is our mutual friend Steve-o representin' TLAL records)

Thanx to Will for his precious time.

If you want to get in contact with him, choose your favorite way:


giovedì 16 dicembre 2010


Got this one last time I went to Berlin for holidays.(again!)
I went to a show with Encroached playing; other bands were Burial and Love Potion.
I knew nothing about them, but when i heard "they're japanese" i got excited.
Initially, I was thinking to some dis-clone band, instead they play great hardcore thrash in the vein of Crucial Section.
This compilation (released by CREW FOR LIFE records, Crucial Section's label) includes bands already known by the lil' and lovely person I am like Think Brigade or Ada+Max, but It helped me in discovering new combos like Circle Flex or Bad Dirty Hate.

German people attending hc shows are boring, anyway.

Il cd è venduto in un dvd case.
Mi sono fatto un culo così a scrivere tutti i titoli ed i nomi dei gruppi nelle tracce.
Ho anche scannerizzato tutto il libretto.
Spero apprezziate lo sforzo.

Auspico un sincero ritorno della P38 nelle strade.

Ho dovuto dividere il link in due parti.
Nella prima parte troverete il disco, mentre la seconda contiene il libretto completo.