mercoledì 27 aprile 2011

YOU SUCK! euro tour!!!

So, my new band is finally leaving for a 10 days tour in Europe. We have recorded a tape with all our previous releases re-recorded with the new lineup (me on vocals and Luca on guitar). Our band is complete only with Bestia on second guitar, but he will not take part on the tour due to work commitments...this means that only PULCE - vocals, CHARLIE - bass, COCU - drums and LUCA OVNZI - guitar will be thrashin' your town.
As you can read, we will not be alone. SICK TIMES from Germany will be touring with us.
We already did some shows together in the past - even if I was not part of the band at the time - and we know this is gonna be sick.
I am very excited about all these things movin' on for the band. We have also printed new t-shirts designed specifically for the occasion.

This is a preview of our recording session @ Luca Ovnzi's house.

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