venerdì 20 maggio 2011


Introducing you FRONTSIDE from Munchen (Germany).
The show at Kafe Marat was one of the best of the whole tour.
It was on May the 1st, and it happened that all the people going back from a demo against gentrification went to the show. I have played in Berlin on Worker's Day in the past and people was way more into partying all the night in the streets than attending a punk rock show.
But this time was different!

Frontside was so kind to us! We all slept in his apartment.
A real skater/tattooist, someone who is in it for life.
He made some vegan breakfast (fake meat for hamburgers) and shown us his diy skate videos. We all went to sleep dead drunk very late that night, including him, but he was the first to wake up the next morning anyway.
He slept in a ski suit because his bed was already taken by other guests...So stop yourself thinking to anything else for a minute. You wake up still drunk in the morning and the first thing you see is a german crazy man jumping all around the room in a ski suit...and we're on fuckin' May, not January!

This piece of majestic 7th art was shot in the backstage of the Kafe Marat. We were partying hard with our pals Sick Times and some local heroes, including Frontside...enjoy!

listen to this band:

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