sabato 12 maggio 2012

UX VILEHEADS - first ep

I am going mad with this ep. I have discovered this band really late - fuck me in the ass for this - thanks to my bandmates Hovnzi and Charlie. Same as for FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES, the mighty!!! - when they talked about them i was doubtious - they were telling me about "a very good band from UMEA, you know Sweden...the SOUND". (of course they are ex- members of this and that and that other one like DS 13, REGULATIONS and blah blah blah).
At first I was a bit disappointed. I was not really into that sound at the time...i don't know what was going wrong with me. So i didn't catch the band first time. But one day, I finally listened to their first seven inch. I got mad. It's mad. It's crazy. But mainly, it's DANGEROUS. Everytime i listen to this one i feel like i want to get destroyed on drugs and alcohol of any kind, with the need to get out in the street and punching someone in the face, and then i want to die as soon as possible. I want to kill myself with this one and booze and drugs...This ep is PERFECT. Urgency, desperation, fastness,... It makes me CRAZY.
They released another ep and an album but i don't know why, it seems another band. I love this ep and i want to keep it with me when i am gonna be in the fuckin' grave.
Search for it and eat it...just listen to "SINKING", it's like a crush between THE GERMS, BLACK FLAG, MINOR THREAT and SCHOLASTIC DEATH, with very urgent and negative lyrics. It's sick. It's really sick.
I have nothing else to say.
Forget the "catch 22" ep and the " UX VILEHEADS - hardcore ladda ner" album, sorry dudes but the first, the best.
Now i am going to shoot some heroin. See you later, maybe.


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