lunedì 17 settembre 2012


do you know annihilation time???
of course you do, if you follow this blog.

but do you know the PINK FAIRIES?
of course you don't, because you suck, as i did, before i discovered them.

here we are talking about rock and punk before punk was not even an imagination (not talking about an idea).
teenage rebel is an amazing song off the album NEVER NEVER LAND (1971), and they were playing something like upbeat rocknroll...i don't know, i am not good in comparisons or descriptions but i only know that this stuff makes my body's great rock.

34 years later, a band called ANNIHILATION TIME covered them on their album II (or 2, or TWO, as you wish) giving to the song a fastest and roughest vibe...keeping the original feeling completely intact.

found their records. buy them. listen to their songs volume eleven. have great sex.


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