giovedì 8 novembre 2012

by the way, I am vegan

And recently i have been thinking about it in a very deep way. 
Surrounded everyday by people who is eating whatever passes thru their hands, most of the time without ever thinking about it; i still got people making jokes about that, but i don't care anymore. 
It's since 1997 I am hearing those jokes...i have developed a very strong armour.

Why am i vegan? 
Because i simply don't see animals as something to eat. 
That's it. It's so simple.
The society we live in today keep us so distant from the reality of everyday madness of the slaughterhouse. You can go to the supermarket and buy whatever you want with no thoughts behind. 
And to me it has always been bullshit.

I have found a good explanation of why i am vegan in the words of Ian McKaye.
1:26 of pure simplicity.

Sure he has got the art and the talent of explaining  things in a very simple way.

Enjoy your (vegan) meal.

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