mercoledì 16 gennaio 2013

BEASTIE BOYS the in sound from way out (1996)

Yeah has been a long time since my last post, but at this point you know it's normal.

I am mad about the band BEASTIE BOYS; i hope most of this blog's readers are already aware of them.
I am totally blown out by their ability of fusing punk hardcore, jazz, soul, funk and rap in the same album without sounding incoherent; they were good mc's as well as good musicians, with a wide spectrum of influences. 
This album is a selection of instrumental songs from their previous records plus two unreleased tracks.
Recently i have started playing jazz/funk/soul/rap records at shows and this one is absolutely one of my favorite for it's grooveness (do this word exist? i hope so)

I hope their major label would not ask me to delete the file, i am doing this only as a tribute not to rip off anyone.
Fuck major labels anyway.

this is an example of their live ability. it's a shitty video but the song is simply AMAZING (In 3's).


BEASTIE BOYS the in sound from way out

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