martedì 21 aprile 2009


As the title explains, i'm running into some financial problems, but the spirit remains and i got a lot of ideas that i hope in the next months i'll found the time (and themoney!) to develop, at least for half of them!
Since i've moved here in the new house i'm working on some stuff, mainly:

- i started playing drums in the crustmetal band GIUDA, where people from Agipunk records's the first time i manage to play “slower” and heavier than usual, it's something new and it needs me a lot for improving my drumming...i am also thinkin' about moving definitively to Bologna, where everything would be easier (more friends, more scene, more places to play, i could use less my car, i'll start a new job -AGAIN!...). We played our first show with me on drums a couple ofweeks ago, i was fuckin' nervous but seems that everything worked out fine, for the best. people were enthusiastic and even the kids in the band were excited and happy. Good!

- i'm SLOOOWLY working on a one man band project called EXHUBERANT CHILD; i've got some thrashy punk songs and i'm gonna release them on a split cd or tape with my pal Adam...i can't wait to record everything! Songs are very simplethrash metal sounding, with lots of breakdowns and a punk attitude,of course. We'll see what's gonna happen...

- i've also meet new kids in the Fidenza/Salsomaggiore area; most of them are into metal or crossover...some others are also into garage/punk rock (this area is famous for it's BEAT FESTIVAL, a huge 60's garage punk happening set up every year by the people behind BAM! Magazine), and with some of them we're talking about starting a new project...the only problem here is finding spaces where setting up shows, it's not that easy!

- I had planned an holiday in Berlin or Tampere for mid october, but due to those financial problems
i 've had to forget about it...i hope maybe in december or january to make a small trip somewhere!

- DEATH BEFORE WORK! is still playing and rehearsing; we have one brand new song and still working on other new material. This summer we made only one show in Cagliari in a big“not-so-much-diy” fest (we've played with Pennywise and Total Chaos, among others) where we've lost some money...but has been an experience, anyway. Next plan is going to Portugal for a small tour in early december.

and now, let's go with some noise...

DEMISE live 8” flexi (premature entombment records) 1990
I got this one trading some recordswith my friend Andrea. I never known anything about this band...all i do know is that this is pure hardcorethrash in a good ol' skool way!
Think of a punkier version of Infest, the quality is average but the energy is all here. If you are curiousenough about this one write me a line and i'll make a tape for you! The vinyl itself is fuckin awesome, it's a light transparent flexiwith some punk drawings on it (a skull and the band's name).
6 songs, not a killer but a must have for the undersigned. COOL!

SMARTCOPS 7” (sorry state records)2008
From the ashes of LA PIOVRA Marco & co. have raised a new project, and i have to admit that they are fuckin awesome! Very good musicians playing a mix of fast hc punk with hints of punkrock and rocknroll here and there. Guitars are thin but impressive, lyrics in italian and i found them very intelligent and thoughtful. These 4 guys are playing in other 100 bands from the peninsula, you'll win a prize if you're gonna find which bands are.TOP A+

TOXIC HOLOCAUST an overdose of death(relapse records) 2008
At first i was a bit disappointed with the new album from the one man band TxHx, as i thought the new label Relapse was giving too much money for the recording, thus cleaning a lil' bit the sound. After a couple of more listening i was completely t rapped in the formula, and as usual this band has create a winner.An Overdose Of Death is the latest in a long list of albums, splits,tapes, and singles by this american one man band
(if you still don't know them - and i wonder where have you lived in the last 10 years - the project is made by Joel Grind, an american dude that makes the recording by himself, sometimes with the help of other musicians, and when on tourhe recruits people from other bands, makes one or even no practiceand then GO! - they start hitting the road for loooong tours!), and what amazes me more is that after a couple of listening you already remember the riffs, the choruses, the drum's fuckin perfect! The music is a mix of speed/thrash blackened metal, withhints of punk and crust here and there. Vocals are raspy and impressive, lyrically dealing with war/death/nuclear armageddon/blasphemy...and they perfectly fits with the music. I can't wait to see them live! Uh, drums on this recording are played by the guy from Zeke...
Buy this one and you'll have no regrets!

MERKIT/HOMBRINUS DUDES split LP (IFBrecords/Punk Before Profits records)
I got this one a couple of months ago when i went to see MERKIT playing a festival in the countryside in the Bergamo area, which is 50 miles north east from Milano.They are cool guys, dedicated and with some political meaning behind their noise. Musically they play a mix of crust/grindcore/punk and even some screamo here and there, but don't worry, no emo whining crap here! During their set they talked a lot about matters of political and social nature, and i also appreciated that in the middle of their set bass player and singer shifted their instruments for some songs...Ten songs including a cover from a band i'm sorry but i've never heard of (Bonecrusher) and one from Hombrinus Dudes. HombrnusDudes that, first, it's a two piece band. I have to admit that musically i love them more than Merkit, since they play an incredible wall of noise of grindcore/powerviolence very punkish...a complete mayhem attack of guit/drum/vox!
Sometimes they remind me of mid period brutal truth or even the new school of power violence like AgentsOf Abohrrence or even Insect warfare (RIP). The recording is ok and they offer 8 tracks of speed and brutality. Nice layout with some recycled covers reversed and printed, and a cool booklet with lyrics and explanations/ideas. Get this one because it fuckin rips!

MOB 47 ep (havoc records)1984/repressed in 2007
In the last month i've been recruited by a crust metal band called GIUDA, which is from Bologna, italy. I've never been a fan of crustpunk, because it sounded to me boring and, maybe it's because i'm getting older, but this stuff starts growing in me and i can dig it a lot more than before. Anyway, even with this introduction, i have always been a huge fan of FAST scandicore bands, and obviously Mob 47 is no exception. I never listened to this ep before, and thankfully to Havoc records i can feel the pleasure of it on vinyl, without spending 300 dollars on ebay...
My only encounter with the band before this lil' disc was on the compilation STOCKOLM MANGEL, where they thrashed everything with other partners in crime like CRUDITY, AGONI, PROTES BENGT, DISCARD, ROJERS...Mob 47 is an all-out-of-control attack of fast d-beat thrash played insanely fast, and this is all you need to know. Tons of bands are trying to imitate this band, but not as successful...Get this record if you never listened to them before, you'll make yourself a favor. Uh, i was forgetting that Mob47 have recently reformed and they're playing gigs around europe.

THRASHINGTON D.C. to live and die inB.M.O. LP (la fee verte records) 2006
Oh! finally a good thrashpunk album with lots of energy!
This band hails from france and offer us 16 tracks of fastcore/punk in a good energic and funny way! Green vynil, choruses, speed, intensity, screamed and shouted vocals,stop'n'go's a go-go...When the fuck are they coming on tour here? maybe never, since this place sux and bands don't feel they are pleased in playing in this stupid country with high gas price, high motorways taxes and few places left where it's allowed to play!YOUNGER PEOPLE, WAKE UP! If you don't understand that the scene needs new power and new energy, noone is gonna make the dirty work for you and consequently when even the last squat/youth center/club will be closed there really will never be any more place to play! TAKE ACTION goddamn!
Ok, that's it. this band rocks and they also play an old skool Beastie Boys cover and a Minor Threat one. Full of energy this record, it fuckin rips!!!

AA.VV. THRASH ATTACK DO BRAZIL (offsiderecords) 2008
HOOORAAAY! finally i got this gem from my friend XCASSIX who lives close to me in Piacenza, he's got a small distro and other than those weak str8 edge records he sells (eheheheh) sometimes he's got some good crap!
I am very happy because finally i got some shit on vinyl by a band called SATANAIZ, in which a net-friend called Andreza plays drums...Anyway, the new school of crossoverthrashcore from brazil is here (maybe only Possuido Pelo Cao is missing, but it's not possible to have everything right?).
BANDANOS, JUSTICA (another band in which Andreza plays), VINGANCA, BxUxSxHx, NERDS ATTACK and the already mentioned SATANAIZ share this small vinyl and they totally go for the thrash here, no excuses everything rocks! Some bands are thrashier in a metal way, some others more in a classic punkhc way, no fillers all killers!

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