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OLD STUFF n° (this shit from january 2009)

so you thought i was dead? NO WAY!
I'm back stronger than ever; i've changed job one more time (3 jobs in 6 months, what the fuck?!?) and i'm slowly going back to manage all the good things i love to do in life.
Like this one, for example.
In the last months i've collected tons of tapes/records/zines so i'll cut the crap and i'll start writing about all this shit right NOW!

WARMONGER“beermaniac” cd-r (7 tracks + video - self released)
Yeah!Finally i've had the pleasure to meet Mr. Beermaniac in person, at the DBW!+ Minkions + Giuda + Kontatto show last january the 5th in Faenza. He plays guitar in WARMONGER and i have to admit that they fuckin' rip!!! They come from Venezia, and trust me, this is thrash metal the way it should be done by any fuckin' cool band on earth:they have cool riffs, powerful drumming, a perfect vocalist and the recording is cool without sounding too clean or “modern”. You can hear these guys are truly thrash maniacs, not posers.
They add a coversong by Ramones (“Commando”) and pay homage to one of the best blackened thrash bands of all time, namely BULLDOZER (you can read about them somewhere else on this webzine).
This is sort of a compilation cd since there is stuff from many different years (from 2002 to 2005), and i can understand why they are so tight and cool...There's even a live song from 2002 called “TheWarpath”.
The videoclip is a studio version of the song “Beer maniac” with different footage taken from shows, plus images of friends and many people drinkin beer and partying hard!
This cd is totally suggested. Check this out!


JAKUBYSKO“S/T” 3” cd (self produced)
My girlfriend went for a small holiday in Zvolen, Slovachia this christmas, and there she had the opportunity to meet a cool guy called Firo, who plays geetar in this grindcore/powerviolence band that is fuckin AMAZING!!!
I've always thought that eastern european countries have the roughest and harshest bands in the world (maybe competing only with those japanese freaks!) and this time my ideas are confirmed. This small 3” inches has fuckin' good recording, they play very fast and tight grindcore with some crusty parts here and there. The cd starts off with a noisy intro and then we got a full head down assault of crazy powerviolence stuff. My only complaint is that the inlay has only the song titles and the contacts, so i cannot read what they are screaming about. 7 songs for 15 minutes of noisy thrashgrind attitude, i will never stop to love this shit! I'll be helping them next May 2009 with some shows here in italy, so in the meanwhile just contact them and get this small piece of plastic. You're gonna love it! A+


DEATHMECHANISM “promo 2008” cd-r (self produced)
I still got mad when i listen to good bands coming from Italy, because i cannot believe there are so many shitty combos out there much popular, playing some very bad commercial stuff most of the people love to deal with; we have so many great metal/punk bands rotting in the basements, playing for few euros and having to work shitty jobs to get a cool recording...Luckily enough we still have a strong underground scene where cool and dedicated people seem to have understood all the effort bands like DEATH MECHANISM put in their music, so not everything is fucked up!
I will never stop to tell you, SUPPORT THE FUCKIN' UNDERGROUND!!!
Even if i'm writing about a demo, this is very well produced. the band plays a cool mix of thrash/death metal with some reference to bands like Kreator (mainly in the vocals) or Destruction. I have not much infos about this demo since i don't even have a track listing (dudes!at least...). From their myspace page i understand they hail from Verona and they are a 3 piece. This is another band that should play in front of 20000 people, together with Slayer and the afore-mentioned Kreator, or Exodus, and the likes, instead of those suckers like Trivium or Amon Amarth . If you like your dose of headbangin' fast death thrash check this band out, they deserve all your respect and support. Fuck the Unholy Alliance, support the Total Thrash!!!
ps:their singer/guitar player Pozza also plays in the metalcrust combo CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY


NECROSEXUALRITES “...see you in hell, bitch!” (tape - self released)
I met this guy at the Violator show, while i was waiting to take a pee, and i told him “fuck man! you look like Kerry King!”. He was so happy (i think so...) about my comment that when i got back from the toilet he gave me a copy of his bands' tape. The guy we're talking about is called Worst and sings for this mad band, Necrosexual Rites,who happens to mix some blackened speed thrash with some crust punk elements here and there. It's fuckin' good! The recording reminds me of some old and obscure bands from the '80s, Sure the spirit is totally alcholic old school black thrash, and on the thanx list you'll find bands like venom, celtic frost and hellhammer...but they are not a copycat, the tape is a bit muddy but full of energy (sometimes bands are hypertechnical or with very clear sounds but they lack of energy, which is the primary thing you MUST have if you're not playing classical music). They have a song called “Six Six Six (address of satan)” that makes me fuckin laugh! There are no lyrics but i can only imagine what they are screaming about with song titles like “Clearicus Pervertion” or “Porno Jesus”...never forget a good dose of humor is what the world needs.
The layout is printed in multicolor, but the tape is homemade, so we can say this is a semi-professional release.
Check this shit out, and support tapes worldwide!

NECROVOMIT“demo 2007” (tape - self released)
I saw this band playing in December 2008 in brescia @ Magazzino 47, and they have been the best of that night!
After their show i run to their merch table and i got both their demotape (last copy!) and their t-shirt. I already saw a couple of them playing in Rome with another band, Humus, but that band plays some Extreme Noise Terror/Disrupt influenced speedycrust, and i have to admit i was not much impressed...This band fuckin' rule, anyway!
The demo is one year and ahalf old, and you can hear the difference from this recording to their present live show. They have improved a lot! If i don't get wrong, they have even faced some lineup changes, but let's talk about one thing at the time.
This tape has a NECRO side and a VOMIT side. 8 songs in total, influences from Sarcofago to Beherit thru Pentagram (the chilean Pentagram,obviously). I can even find some Darkthrone here and there, and this makes me fuckin' happy. I think they are one of those metal bands continuosly “crossovering” between metal and punk. They have ametal/satanic attitude but they play squats and share members with hcpunk bands, so i am pleased about that. The main guitar player is an ace in producing killing black/thrash riffs. the sound is perfect for this kind of music. You can find this demo both on tape and cd format.
Inside the layout i found this writing, i want to share it with ya, maniacs:
“NercoVomit have started spitting black blasphemy in March 2007. The idea came out from the morbid minds of “Necromolestor” and “Black Angel of Doom”, two evil maniacs that were into old stuff like:Blasphemy, Profanatica, Von, Necrovore, Sarcofago, Pentagram,Beherit, etc...Other members joined them: “Stabwounds Slaughter”,“Necrolouder” and “Bestial Torment of Evil” (FUCK! I LOVETHOSE CHILDISH NAMES!!!/ndPulce) to form a concrete hellish combo! Their work has put on a demo in October/November '07 such a manifesto of the band's evolution during this era, also facing the fact that the other members came out from various kind of influences. Theself titled demo was recorded at Mara's Cave and issued on 333 copies: 66 on tape and 267 on cd-r. We are searching for bands to split with, zines and labels always supporting the true Underground&Vomit. Awaiting the armageddon, Necrovomit are spreading Chaos and Blasphemy to put hell on earth. So, corrupt yourself with the Bonecrushing Evil Noise and Batpize your soul in the Goat's Black Blood River of NECROVOMIT!”
Support them, fuckers!


NxExKxsplit SEPTIX - tape (karasu killer records)
Killer split tape between 2 fuckin' good fastcore bands coming from the rising sun country.
The peculiarity of both is that, even if thay hail from japan, NxExKx (which means “Ninos en Kombate”) sing in brazilian while Septix in... ITALIAN! ahahahahahah! I don't have lyrics so i can't tell you what the songs are about. The first band reminds me of a crustier version of What Happens Next?, don't ask me why..., they are cool and tight to the right point, so i'm very happy and pleased by their music. The Septix side is similar with maybe some more oldschool u.s.a. punk influences and here and there more speed. As usual, i suggest you to support the diy and mainly, tape traders from all the world!
( -

SEPTIX“credere” demo tape (self released)
More or less the same stuff said for their split with NxExKx. Cool diy fastcore with some punk and ultracore influences...they sing in italian...They got 2 singers... Both tapes are semi professional since the layout is xeroxed and the tape is homemade (intending that i think those have been copied from the stereo at home, not that they have built a cassette themselves. Ok diy, but...)


EX DEMENTIA “in the chapters of horror” cd (HPGD productions)
I've been contacted by the band on myspace, since they just released this cd (actually, it's an ep) and they need some visibilty on the net...i hope i could help them in a way or another, since this cd is very good!
This is a 3 piece from New Jersey, playing some death metal with super double bass pedal carpet and crunchy guitars. I recognize some influences but i can't remember the name of the bands...maybe some Splatterhouse, Cannabis Corpse and Suffocation; but while those bands are mainly focused on speed, this band push the pedal on both speed and groove. Two vocals (growled and screamed, but the first one is never a “i-cannot-understand-a-fuckin-word-of-what-you-say” kind of growl) gore obsessed lyrics and i even appreciate the multicoloured and cartoonish layout of the inlay art, showing monsters, chainsaws cutting dead heads, syringes in the eys...and all the morbid stuff related. The only small complaint is about those two live tracks at the end of the cd, because the sound is horrible. It would have been better leaving only the studio material, but anyway this is a solid effort. Uh, i forget, there's also a very well done coversong of an SOD classic “Kill Yourself”.
I discovered from their page on Encyclopaedia Metallum that:

Originally the material was going to be part of a split with Cardiac Arrest but
the material was not yet ready.
It was also originally intended to be released by Kitchen Vomit Records but the
label backed out sighting that EP's often don't sell well.

Support or you're gonna be killed by a mad lamnower.


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