domenica 4 dicembre 2011

DEATH BEFORE WORK! welcome to italy...the land of no fun (2010? 2011?) LP

Here it is.
2 years in the making, and at the end of the recording we called it a day.
It's not the same as the previous stuff; in fact, it's more metal.
I am a bit sorry, not because of the band itself - i personally don't give a fuck about the fact that we split - but because of the two guys who worked hard on this one and their efforts will be nullified...well, they are the mighty PIFF from Trento (the recording dude) and ICIO from Vicenza (the man behind the desk).

I have waited a bit before putting this one for share, but right now - who cares? - steal this album and play those songs in your backyard, it will be funny!

We have done a good job here.
Not a great one, i suppose; we could have done a bit better.
In the last year and a half the band was working slower than in the past, mainly due to myself living in another town and we had no permanent bass player.
Tadzio, who plays in 10000 different bands here in Italy, made his effort on this one (forgot to tell ya, one track was played by Piff because Tadzio forgot to do that...yeah, it's not a joke).

14 tracks, 21 minutes.
no booklet, no pictures.
if you want lyrics, write an email and i'll send ya.
DEATH BEFORE WORK! welcome to italy...the land of no fun

ehi! since i got no signed account on mediafire, this link will if you are going to find it dead, write me and i will send you a new, working one.

have fun

ADDED ON 09/12/2011.
I'VE just uploaded on mediafire a text file with all the lyrics, since i have met many people who want to read them.

this is the link
have fun, again.

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