martedì 17 dicembre 2013

SHORT FAST & LOUD anniversary compilaton (10 inch)

My favourite song on this one is the CONQUEST FOR DEATH one, "short FAT & loud" because of the lyrical content:

"who are you to say i shouldn't take my shirt off in front of a crowd?

when it's a known fact i like my music short, fat & loud...
you'll never call someone a "fag" but you slag them off for being "fat"
enlightened to everything but sizeism...fuck that!
this is the hardcore scene not the pages of a fashion magazine
can't you accept people come in all different sizes
after all you've accepted everyone elses identities...short, fat and loud!"

and besides that, it's a whole good compilation.

Short, Fast & Loud is a twelve years old fanzine about rough music; initially published by Chris Dodge (Slap A Ham records, Stikky, Spazz, even earlier incarnation of No Use For A Name) it is actually run by Jeff & Athena (Six Weeks Records).
Tracklist stolen from another blog:

Short, Fast & Loud # 24 - ten year Anniversary issue w/ 10” compilation vinyl and zine, rippers from Larm, Coke Bust, Voetsek, Lack Of Interest, Seein Red, Brutal Truth, Extortion, Superbad, Noisear, Catheter, Enemies Of Inertia, Brodys Militia, Wasteoid, Pretty Little Flower, Slight Slappers, Street Pizza, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Conquest For Death, Torture Unit, Total Fucking Destruction, Gride {Czech} and Lahar {Czech} !!! 

SHORT FAST & LOUD anniversary compilation

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