domenica 1 marzo 2015

SYSTEMATIK (canada) + CALL THE COPS (bologna) live @ Casa Cantoniera Parma DOMENICA 8 MARZO 2015 CONCERTO POMERIDIANO!

SYSTEMATIK raw hardcore punk assault from Canada

"Raw Hardcore from Vancouver B.C with a solid D-Beat backbone that doesn’t bore you to tears. Searing guitar work and a vocalist that can actually manage to convey his live frustration through recorded media, a rare feat. A distinct sound is hard to pinpoint. Influences range all over the place from Death Side to Poison Idea. Everyone will tell you something different, make your own judgement. Members of Unlearn and Vacant State. 
After the break-up of Unlearn the guitarist set out to get another project started as soon as possible, actually only within a few days he and Isaiah (vocalist) started working together. After a few months, a few bassists and a few drummers, a solid lineup developed and a demo was recorded in Dec.2011. The S/T LP was recorded in april.2012 in Portland with Stan Wright while touring the West Coast."


"Call The Cops is a 4 piece Rotten Raw Drunk Punk band based in Bologna, Italy. All Cops Are Bastards"

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