martedì 19 luglio 2011

BODHUM - "extremo" thrash/grindcore from Brazil

I love coming back home almost drunk and sitting in front of my computer for some new stuff to review...

I have to say sorry to Pellizzetti & co. in Bodhum because they wrote me a couple of months ago sending their material for a review...but
tonight I finally had the time to listen to their album and hey! It rips!!!

BODHUM, as the bio says...
"after 12 years of hibernation reformed to record "EXTREMO" which symbolizes all the rage and revolt of being human".
They play a very good mix of thrash, crust punk and grindcore to my ears.
Personally, I would have dirtied the end results more and more, but anyway this is a good listen. Metallic crust punk thrash with hints of grindcore here and there.
Songs are between half a second and two minutes, this is some good shit from Brazil so don't waste your time and download it!

Makes me think of Lobotomia or Forca Macabra (which, by the way, are from Finland and NOT from Brazil) or some Ratos de Porao mid period.

Here you got it, just click and ENJOY!

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