lunedì 19 marzo 2012

GORY MELANOMA/EMETIC split 7" 625thrash #11

from the 625thrash website

625#11. Gorymelanoma/ Emetic- Split EP My second attempt at putting out local death metal. EMETIC hail from the San Luis Obispo area but have been friends with the West Bay Coalition since day one. Their demo is so fucking great, but it was the only thing they ever recorded. They only had drums, guitar and vocals, and the recording they did was live in the studio. I thought it was brutal so we went ahead and used songs form that. GORYMELANOMA were this obscure South Bay band that had some demos but hardly ever played. They finally played and I asked em there if we could use some demo songs for a split. Thus it came to be. 1000.

here you get the LINK

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