mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

HJERTESTOP aarh fuck det er hjertestop (ep - 2005)

two posts on the same day!
someone asked me "why don't you post more on your blog"? (really, i'm not bragging).
it's just because i am a lazy bastard; but you know, there are so many good bands out there i buy records every week that sometimes i just can't wait to post them and let other people discover.

HJERTESTOP is a great K-Town hardcore punk combo; they are active since 2004. I think this is their first seven inch, and it's a perfect blend of punk rock and furious hardcore...obviously it has both that 80's feel and the typical scandinavian sound.
I am waiting to get more of their stuff in the mail
Meanwhile, enjoy this lil' gem!


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