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POWERCUP (canada powerviolence/grindcore) interview

I have got the pleasure to introduce you a new band - at least, they are new for me!
POWERCUP is a grind/powerviolence duo from Canada, and i have taken the chance to interview them since they will be touring Europe next July/August, teaming up with american bulldozer duo PIZZA HI FIVE; the first show is going to happen in Gaione (Parma) with my bands YOU SUCK! and the new one DRUG PROBLEMS as the opening acts.
Agipunk Records has been the link between them and us; hence the questions about.
Bob is a cool guy! He also run COFFEE GRINDER RECORDS
The band is full of humour and i can't wait to meet them in person.

This is (again) the show's flyer; at the end of this piece you'll find the whole tour list, with all the useful links. Don't miss them!

That's all with my bullshit, let the music floooooooow!

1- who you are, where are you from, releases and influences...other bands you like to thrash with?

we are POWERCUP from Montreal, Canada. We are 2piece grindfreaks and we talk about powertools and renovation! Locally we like to play with bands like SOIL OF IGNORANCE, VILE INTENT, SHATTER IT ALL, WRONG HANDS and some other bands. Theres not alot of grind and powerviolence in this city. But when we toured the USA we like to play with MISANTHROPIC NOISE, PIZZA HI-FIVE, LT. DAN, AGITATE,..too many bands to name them all haha.

2- what are your songs dealing with?

Our songs deal with renovation and powertools. We also talk about the importance of eating when doing renovations...AND SKATEBOARDING. Serial renovators too are part of the deal.

3 what about coffee grinder you earn a lot of money from that?

If earn money with the label? Fuck no haha. I wish i did though. Its a very recent label i only have like 3 releases out at the moment. I was trying to put out the Hard Charger discography tape before their tour and the Misanthropic Noise flexi, but the pressing plants having been slacking at getting back to me, wich sucks.

4 how you got in contact with Mila Agipunk?

I know a couple of my friends had dealt with him before and they told me he was really nice to work with. My friend Ville from the band Perikato (FUCKING AWESOME BAND FROM FINLAND!!!) told he drove them around last summer and that he was super nice and i think he also went on tour with After The Bombs a few years ago and Janick told me the same thing about him. So it took much to convince me to contact him haha.

5 what do you expect from this euro tour? and mainly, what do you expect from italy?

I expect a lot of blast beats, beers, records and more than anything else FUN! Ive never been to Italy before, but i heard the kids get crazy there, so i hope theres gonna be alot stage dives and kids MOSHING WITH THEIR also expecting delicious food and wine haha.

6 your favourite drinks

COFFEE! and beer and Kuemmerling. I also like water, but mostly coffee.

7 is there any hidden kind of music/musician nobody know you listen to and that you adore, but you can't reveal that you do because of the shame? tell us NOW

I dont really hide what i like from anyone. But I can only talk for my self here. I listen to a lot of Post-Rock, 90s emo and screamo stuff. AND 90s EURO DANCE haha. The only band im ashame of is Lt. Dan...bunch of pickle dicks.

8 what should we expect from your show?


9 are you long time friends with Pizza Hi Five? explain

We met them on our first USA tour in 2010 i think? They had booked a show for us at their house (the Leathershop). The line up that night was pretty intense, it was us, them, Hooker Spit Windex (RIP), Total Hipster Crusher and Migthy Morphin Methheads (RIP). We became friends instantly, we even did a tour with them and Violent Gorge last summer, it was totally awesome and i cant wait to tour with them again!

10 that's all for now: ask us a question we didn't ask you

Who are you and why are you so dumb?

I just want to add one other thing. Thanks for the interview and if anyone who reads this is interested in getting any of my releases, or distro list or wants to put out something for POWERCUP you can get in touch



and here you got the whole tour list!

07/04 Gaione (Parma), Italy @ Pub McQueen w/ You Suck! + Drug Problems 07/05 Milano, Italy 07/06 Marseille, France 07/07 Toulouse, France 07/08 Madrid, Spain @ Rock Palace w/ Plague Rages + Vomitando Bilis + MORE TBA 07/09 Salamanca, Spain
07/10 Santander, Spain
07/11 Bilbao, Spain
07/12 Bordeaux, France
07/13 Paris, France
07/14 Bristol, England @ The Gryphon w/ Bismuth + Skat Injector + This Ends Here + Atomck + Human Cull + Merciless Precision
07/15 Dublin, Ireland
07/16 Belfast, Ireland
07/17 Glasgow, Scotland @ Note Cafe w/ TBA
07/18 Leeds, England @ Fox + Newt w/ The Afternoon Gentlemen + Backslider + 1 More
07/19 Nottingham, England @ Old Angel w/ The Afternoon Gentlemen + Backslider + 1 More
07/20 London, England @ the Grosvenor w/ The Afternoon Gentlemen, Backslider, Armour Of Contempt + 1 Suprise band!
07/21 Leiden, Netherlands @ Sub071 w/ TBA
07/22 Amsterdam, Netherlands DAY OFF
07/23 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ TBC w/ Matka Teresa + Turbokrieg
07/24 Liege, Belgium
07/25 Leipzig,Germany @ Trailer Park KarlHelga w/ TBA
07/26 Dresden, Germany @ TBC w/ RunTimeError + MORE TBA
07/27 Hradec Králové, Czech Rep. - PLAY FAST OR DONT
07/28 Hradec Králové, Czech Rep. - PLAY FAST OR DONT
07/29 , Poland
07/30 , Poland
07/31 Hamburg, Germany
08/01 Copenhagen, Denmark
08/02 Goteborg, Sweden
08/03 Oslo, Norway
08/04 Uppsala, Sweden
08/05 Helsinki, Finland @ Club Lepakkomies w/ Death Toll 80k + Perikato + MORE TBA
08/06 Lahti, Finland w/ Death Toll 80k
08/07 Tampere, Finland @ Vastavirta club w/ Death Toll 80k + MORE TBA
08/08 Turku, Finland w/ Death Toll 80k
08/09 Stockholm, Sweden
08/10 Malmo, Sweden
08/11 Berlin, Germany @ Koma F w/ TBA
08/12 Monaco, Germany
08/13 Vienna, Austria
08/14 Budapest, Hungary
08/15 Slovacchia?/Slovenia? NEED HELP
08/16 Rome, Italy

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