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HASSLER (Toronto, Canada) INTERVIEW + live show

Here you got a brand new interview with Jon (guitar) from the Toronto (Canada) band HASSLER.
They are a fuckin' good hardcore punk band with shouted vocals, sounding a bit Oi!esque (eheh i have always dreamed of using this word).
I have to admit that i knew nothing about them before asking, that's why the questions are pretty basic. I am also pleased to know that he and the other band members play/played with some of my favorite punk hardcore/metal bands (CHOKEHOLD/UNION OF URANUS/TOXIC HOLOCAUST/SCHOOL JERKS just to name a few).
I remember you that they will be playing in PARMA on Sunday, September the 21st together with MIDNIGHT CRISIS from Leipzig,  WAH '77 from parma and TO ASHES from Bologna at the SOVESCIO SPA SQUAT.

(please note: pictures stolen from EQUALIZING DISTORT blog

1- Who are you and what you do in the band?

My name is Jon Sharron and I play guitar in HASSLER
Erik plays bass
Al play drums
Jay does VOX

2 – Date and location formed
Hassler 1st gig was April 2012.  We are from downtown Toronto Canada.

3 – How old are you and reason for forming;
I am 40 years old.  I have been playing in punk and hardcore bands since 1990.  We formed HASSLER because we saw something missing from the hc and punk scene here in Toronto.  The scene here is full of trendy hipster posers and we are FUCKING PISSED OFF.  Also we love punk and hardcore and its fun to play in a band.

4 – What your lyrics deal with?
  The song "pig pen II" is about police violence here in toronto.  The police here have publicly murdered people for being mentally ill several times over the past few years. Its disgusting.
The song "imprisoned" is about the thought of addiction being a prison sentence and the question which is worse?
The song "affluenza" is about rich people getting away with doing terrible things because they are rich.  Like that kid in Texas.
The song "nothing" is about music journalism and music culture and how its completely useless.  Its the opposite of what's good about enjoying music.
The song "excess necessity" is about how people in poor countries lives are sacrificed to make things for westerners to buy for cheap.  Commodities we mostly don't need.
The song "pig pen" is about the mayor of Toronto and our stupid city government who are both completely useless.  They are best at wasting time and money and ignoring what people really need.  Fuck these clowns.
The song "snowbound" is about how people are always complaining about the weather in the winter here in Canada.  What do you expect??  Its canada!  The weather sucks!

The song "night rider" is about that movie mad max.  Its awesome.

5 – Your sound is very “punch-in- the- face” with a hint of Oi!, mainly in the
vocals. What are your influences?
We are influenced by punk, hardcore, heavy metal, skinhead rock n roll, regular rock n roll, drinking, smoking, not being "cool", good rap music, the power of positive thinking, eating, hating life and living filthy!!!!!

6 – how's working with Deranged records? How did you get in contact with em?

I have been doing records with deranged for 15 years.  I am old friends with Gord and he has taken many chances on my torrid music hobby.  Thanks Gord!  Deranged is a great label done by a great guy for all the right reasons.

7 – other bands/projects you are in?

Jay is also in the busker band burning tables but is most famous for being the singer of "bad skin".
Erik is also in FLQ but has also played in school jerks and reprobates and paranoid chokehold.
Al is the drummer of chainbreaker as well as hassler.  He has also drummed for coliseum, castle, rammer, toxic holocaust, dead season and dentata among others.

Jon (me) plays guitar in hassler and valley boys.  I also play bass in career suicide.  In the past I have been in chokehold, union of uranus, brutal knights, rammer, mad men and many many other bands blah blah blah.

8 – describe pros and cons of the city you come from and please give us a hint of the scene from your area

Toronto is a pretty nice city.  Very multicultural and lots of nice food.  Very expensive but for the most part a safe nice city.  Lots to do.  Many problems but I'm not complaining too much.  The scene here is very hip but there are some cool people doing cool stuff.  Lots and lots of new young kids around and a zillion bands.  Its exhausting.

9- Is this your first time in Europe (both as a band or as individuals)?
I have been to Europe many many times I love it.  Its great very fun.  I also really love Italy.

10- How did you come up with the tour with Midnight Crisis? Did you already know them or...?

I know these midnight crisis guys from past punk tours and trips to Leipzig.  Awesome place.  Nice guys.  I really love their band they are super cool.

11 – What do you know about the italian hardcore punk scene? 
Have you ever heard the compilation "furious Italian hardcore"!!!!  ?  What's not to love?  Italy rules!

12 – What about your releases? Anything in the works? I only know the first seven inch though.

We have a debut 7" out on schizophrenic records.  We have a 2nd 7"ep out on beach impediment records. We have a brand new lp on deranged records with a euro tour press on cut the cord that records.

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