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MIDNIGHT CRISIS (Leipzig) "Interview" + demo 2012 + maximum rocknroll interview

(This is not a real interview; i just have made a scan of a very sort interview appeared on Maximum Rocknroll #375 (august 2014) and added all the infos i got via email by Flo, the guy who is booking the HASSLER/MIDNIGHT CRISIS eurotour.
They will be playing in PARMA on SUNDAY,September 21st  at the OFFENSIVA D'AUTUNNO, SPA Sovescio squat together with HASSLER from Canada, WAH '77 from Parma and TO ASHES from Bologna.
  That's it, enjoy!/Pulce)

founded at zorofest 2012 // first practice may/june 2013 // demo dec.13 // 
 6 song 7" may 2014 

punkrock or hc or how ever you wanna call it.  
 ok, we are mostly described like this: rawoldskool punk & early 80ies 
 hardcore - maybe sounds like a mix of 80ies deutsch-punk and finnish hc 

 current members of some bands you may never heard of ... or you did, who 

- Kinda new gang from Leipzig that plays finnish style of 
 hardcore punk in the vein 
 of almighty Appendix or Totalitär. If you are into newer finnish bands 
  like Herätys 
 or Gas Rag from the States you'll go crazy over Midnight Crisis. Actually, 
 vocalist is messing around with his throat skills here. The band also 
 features some 
 fine folks who played in bands like Depressive State, Unkind and Idiots 
 miss on this.
 Finally! The wait is over! Here it is - the first EP by Midnight Crisis
 Leipzig/Germany! Totally blown out and authentic PUNK from the gutter!
 This is
 total "Uffta-Uffta Scheisse-Musik" with past members of Herätys,
 Overpower, Idiots
 Rule and Unkind! 6 tracks with finnish lyrics, which remind me of old
 recordings by
 Upright Citizens and 80's Finnish greats Bastards or Appendix!

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