martedì 26 maggio 2009

NERVI - è solo una questione di nervi demo (2003)

Here we go.
I thought it could be cool to post here some old demos/records of bands i played with in the past.

Nervi was formed on the ashes of OxGxMx, a sort of very basic punk/funk band with female singer, trying to follow the steps of bands like Submission Hold or Sakè (if you think this description sounds charming well...actually, we sucked hard). 
After that band splitted, the 3 original members (bass/guit and me on drums) recruited Melo on vocals (ex- By All Means, Society Of Jesus, Egotismo, No Somos Nada...and so on) and started playing something between grindcore/powerviolence and hc thrash. Melo, having just moved from Modena to Milano, seemed enthusiast and everything worked fine for a couple of years. The band was located in the Milano area, and at the time we were all squatter punx living at La Villa Occupata, an old anarchist squat ten years old situated in the northern side of the city. We played a lot of shows, and even made a couple of small tours outside our country (germany, switzerland, holland) before our guitar player Dimitri decided to leave the city for the ligurian hills...after this band disbanded, another story called THRASH BRIGADE started.
Note: this demo was originally released  tape only format. Actually, i don't have a camera to put some pictures of the layout or the lyrics, but later i will add some.

FILE UNDER: power violence/thrash/fastcore
Here is the link 

(LINK FIXED ON 20/08/2013)

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