giovedì 28 maggio 2009


As I've written somewhere else, after the band NERVI called it quits i felt terribly lost. 
I really didn't know what to do, or who to ask for to create another band, and i started thinking madly to someone who could be interested in playing fast music. Finally, I found in Andrea (vox) and Carlo (git) the perfect bandmates for what would have been one of the fastiest and sloppiest bands i would have ever played. Completing the line up with anarcho/militant/vegan warrior Fred (who was also really into 50's  r'n'r - hey today' he's a tattoo artist, has this anything to do with it?), Thrash Brigade had the opportunity to tour finland for 8 days without even a demotape out. How? Well, we managed to set up a show for the finnish band KIKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO in Milano; at the time we were trying to do something exciting in a very crusty place called APPRODO CARONTE. That show became TxBx first show, very chaotic but, at least i love to remember it his way, totally intense. So we started this relationship with finnish fellas, something that is still going on today, even after all these years.
Well anyway, we recorded this split with sicilians BURST UP some time before we split; i decided to quit the band because of personal problems with some of the other fellas. I think the recording sux a lil' bit because we were in a rush, we had to hurry up because we had no money and a friend of us, who was working in the recording studio at the time, was doing it between other band's i think we felt too much pressure and even the mixxxing was done without a proper work as an entire band.
Thrash Brigade played a mix of fastcore and powerviolence, with a really thin guitar sound (Carlo has always been into SST bands like Victim's Family) and a completely fucked up screamed vocals all over the place. 
BURST UP were called "the italian Spazz" (maybe after COLOSS decided to change  their style...) and just listen to their side, you'll fully understand why...
To this day Andrea the vocalist is singing for IDIOCRACY, together with members from Death Before Work! (well, not me, obviously), Suppurated, Abel is Dying, while Carlo is playing with Scena and Cusack. Fred left the scene and is fully dedicated to his tattoo shop.


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