martedì 26 maggio 2009

SWIISSH! - save planet earth...make no more children (demo cd-r)

After some time that NERVI had split, i rejoined my old bandmates Melo and Davide (respectively on vocals and bass) and we started talking again about the creation of a fastcore/powerviolence combo, but with more emphasis on thrash metal riffs. We found a good axe in Adam, who was 16 at the time, and his energy and enthusiasm took the band on a very high level (not much technically, i have to admit. I've never been a real drummer, more of a percussionist trying to play as fast as possibile). We took our name from the frontcover of Diabolik, an old time running italian comic, and we liked both the sound of the word itself than its concept (it's the word used to underline the sound of a thrown knife). We lasted maybe a year and a half, and we gave light to this demo cd-r. Even at this time, most of us were living in a squat (3/4 members excluding me) and our lyrics dealt a lot with everyday madness in the capitalist life. After the band split up, Davide moved to another town and it's only now that he has started to work on a new musical project, while both Melo and Adam continued until today, the first with IRON MOLAR and the younger dude as ADAMENNON.

FILE UNDER: power violence/death/thrash

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