lunedì 16 settembre 2013

DISARM "mustard gas" LP (repost w/new download link)

Another one man band.
This time from Firenze, Italy.
1 part grindcore, 1 part epic metal, 1 part digital grindcore.
Sounds weird? Well, wait to listen yourself for the final result!

I think this record has never got the right attention it deserves.
(Originally, these songs were included on the cd only release RAILROAD TO APOCALYPSE compilation, a 6 ways split including VERGE ON REASON, BUD JUNKEES, ALIENACJA, MATKA TERESA & SPLEEN).

12 songs of apocalyptic grindcore madness played by Borys (axeman for Giuda, and a shitload of other bands/projects).
Do you want to know how a kindergarten's teacher would play some grindcore full of socio-political comments?
Well, you are only one step far from it.

As usual, I suggest you to buy the vinyl format: you'll have a full senses experience.

this is the CONTACT link

this is the DOWNLOAD link

(this one was originally published on 23/06/2009)

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