venerdì 20 settembre 2013

DEATH ON/OFF reality is obscene 7"

I had a first contact with one of the band members some months ago and then we lost touch for a while. 
A couple of days ago i got this seven inch in the mail, and fuck god! this record smokes!

What we got here is a furious attack from this fieve piece coming from Ferrara (Italy). Ten original songs plus a cover form the '80s band IMPACT.
Actually, it seems that an Impact member is part of the brigade... I write "seems" because they all have fake names and presents themselves masked with balaclavas.
Their music is a sonic assault of old school grindcore, with many tempo changes and breakdowns; downtuned guitars and an overal awkward feeling. 
There is of course a hardcore vibe flowing thru the whole platter, and sometimes one of the singers is quite similar to Carcass' Jeff Walker.
Their image remind me of the earlier Comrades lineup/seven inch, even if the music is quite different.
Lyrically, they deal with hate filled political/social commentaries in typical grindcore style; they also have a song about people spending their time jerking off in front of a pc while having serious problem in real life relationships...I know there's a lot of frustrated people out there resembling the main character from "Taxi Driver", but anyway, i love my good dose of porn, dudes!

Death On/Off have many releases under their belt and actually are looking for a label to kick out their latest effort, so if you are into old school grindcore don't hesitate to write them and cooperate!
My copy is on green marble vinyl! 

One last question: who is the guy on the cover?

check their music through the soundcloud page: 



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