giovedì 19 settembre 2013

BANDANA THRASH vol. 1 (1999 - 625thrash)

Just noticed i had never shared this one before. 
This is one of the most influential records of my life; it's a flexi disc containing three japanese bands (FLASH GORDON, LIE and CRUCIAL SECTION) and an american one (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?).
It happens to have the best stuff from all the bands - in my modest opinion - and  sonically, graphically and aesthetically it pawned the road for the whole "bandana thrash" concept/movement that developed since then. 
Eight tracks in total; a neverending barrage of hardcore thrash.
CRUCIAL SECTION is still playing today; check out their facebook page, they are on tour in Europe right now.


625thrash website

CRUCIAL SECTION facebook page

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