lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

I'M NOT DEAD...YET aka XBRAINIAX the sound of castration (cd-r)

Well yes, i'm not dead yet.
It's just that, as all the people running a blog sometimes write, "recently i've had no time to post new stuff" a.k.a. i was in other places but not in front of my pc.
Plus, it seems that some grandwizard of bad cosmic feeling is fuckin' up the internet connection i use at work, but obviously only when I AM working...this means that when i could post something new while working at night, while taking care of my sleeping problematical teenagers, i just couldn't because of that small problem.
Fuck off.
Anyway, sorry (as usual...) to all the bands/projects who are waiting for a review to be reported here.
I can only try to promise you I'll do it as soon as my life will help.
That's it.
Meanwhile, listen to the "new" songs of the best band in the world (including Slayer?
well, i am seriously reconsidering my blind love for the thrash gods after i've met this Midwest Powerviolence combo...), in the wait for their new album.

XBRAINIAX - the sound of castration (2009 tour cd)

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