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a XBRAINIAX interview...finally.

So, i think at this point everybody who regularly read this blog knows that i'm AMAZED by these 4 american speed freaks.
XBRAINIAX is one of those bands that truly crushed my world since day one...only few other combos had the same impact (Slayer, Infest, WHN? just to name a few), because both musically and lyrically they are almost perfect.
Not much else to say, check their myspace page for the music and contact them to buy some stuff straight from the band.

Questions answered by Zach (guitar)

1 - i know this is the usual question, but i always try to put myself in a kind of "absolut beginner" reader's perspective: talk about xbrainiax history; when you formed, why you started playing this kind of crazy speed-freak multi-tempo shizoid form of power violence.
We started in September 2004. I guess we started to play this kind of music because we enjoy playing fast music. Me and Lucas (drums) were in another band before XBRAINIAX and we didn't like how all our songs were too slow and long (compared to XBRAINIAX songs that is), so that band broke up and we formed XBRAINIAX to play a style that we enjoyed more.

2 - why are you so fucked up with the Star Wars theme? what is better for you: the movie or the saga?
That was all something that the other members did. I don't really watch movies so I don't care about Star Wars one way or the other to be honest. I didn't really have a say in our graphics, but it's really not a big deal to me.

3 - You are from Michigan; do you feel part of a scene from your state/area or you are a kind of selfish "fuck-all-the-rest-i'm -not-friend-with-you" type of band? Any other good band you are connected with?
There really is no scene around where we are. We never play out locally because there are no good venues and no one would come out anyway. Usually we have to drive a few hours to the other side of the state, or play out of state shows.

4 - how much the ethics and philosophy of str8 edge affects your band?
Not very much I'm afraid. The name is just a parody of all those XwhateverX bands. In the beginning we actually were all straight edge (it was just a coincidence), but now I'm the only one in the band that doesn't drink. I don't care though, I'm not hardline or anything, in fact I actually hate that shit and I don't like any 1988/youth crew style bands either. I think I'm the only straight edge person in the world who would rather listen to drunken crust bands!

5 - your first (at least, i suppose it was the first one) 7" ep on 625 thrash called "disgrace to the corpse of eric wood" (31 fuckin songs on a little 7 inch!!! goddam!) went sold out in a flashlight. I have tried many times to buy a copy from someone on the net but each time it was a pain in the ass, mainly because the price was raising too fuckin' much for my already "always-almost-empty" wallet. Have you ever thought about a repress? (C'MON! I KNOW EVEN YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR PERSONAL COPY!!!) What do you think about collector's item and all the hype behind those kind of hard-to-find records?
I actually do have my own copy of our 1st 7", but only one, ha. Well, I don't know if a repress would have been possible since Max/625 usually never represses any of his releases because he's so busy. We never really thought about it. I still like that EP, but I think our newer stuff is much better so we just were concentrating on moving ahead. We have a discography CD out now though, so people can get it that way I suppose. I don't really care about or collect limited versions of records like colored vinyl or whatever, but old records from the 80's that have become rare over time are different. I'm a huge collector of that stuff, mostly Japanese bands.

6 - what about your discography? you got a pretty good number of split 7", demos, single 7" and many compilation tracks; don't you think it's finally time for recording an entire lp (it would be total fun; if you could fit 31 songs in an ep, i couldn't imagine what it would be filling an entire album...)?
We actually are in finishing up recording an LP. It should be out by the end of the year, I think. It has 30 songs (about 25 minutes). Yes, I know this is not many songs when talking about XBRAINIAX, but please realize that it took us over a year just to write these 30 songs, so an LP with 70 or whatever people are thinking would be impossible. If people have a problem with it, well, that's one of the great things about the HC scene; they can record a 70 song LP with their own band. Do it yourself!

7 - Except your old demos, i've noticed that your recordings sound almost all the same (i'm writing this one in a XpositiveX way, ahah!), so i can easily tell when my player is going on in a "shuffle" mode "fuck man, this is a XBRAINIAX hit!": how do you manage to get that sound? Do you always record in the same place? Do you have your own practice/recording space?
Yeah, for our records we've always recorded with a friend of ours, so that's why the production is mostly the same. We practice in my parents basement once a week, and some of our records were recorded there too.

8 - Are you playing in other bands? Why? Isn't enough to play in XBRAINIAX?
Lucas (drums) and Sean (vocals) are in the process of starting a doom/stoner band called ON THE LAM. Joe (bass) played in an HC/thrash band called I ACCUSE but they are broken up now. I do a solo project called MERCILESS GAME which is 100% inspired by old Japanese noisepunk bands like CONFUSE, SWANKYS/GAI, STATE CHILDREN, etc.

9 - What do you do for living? Do you see yourself playing this stuff in the next 30 years or everything will fade away with time's flying?
I just go to college, no job right now. I don't really plan much for the future so who knows if I will still be playing in a band like this one in many years from now. Live for today, not tomorrow!

10 - Do you like to play live shows? How last one of your average shows? what about touring? Do you feel a good connection with people attending your shows? favorite spots?
Yeah, playing live is fun. Our shows usually last about 15-20 minutes. We've toured around parts of the USA and Canada, and this summer we went to the west coast of the USA. It was a blast! Yeah, most of the people who come to our shows to see us are cool, hardly ever any problems. I don't really have a favorite show space since they're always changing here.

11 - My favourite question: have you ever thought about touring Europe? Never got any offer? Yes/No and Why?
We have thought about it, but I don't know if it would be very possible at the moment, as we are all very busy with college and jobs and crap like that. So it would be hard to take 1 or 2 months off for a European tour. I kind of want to tour Japan as I am currently studying Japanese language and think it would be a good learning experience. But who knows what the future will bring?

12 - Do you listen to some italian crap?
I don't know too many current bands, but I am a HUGE fan of the Italian 80's hardcore scene. WRETCHED is one of my all time favorite bands (CHAOS NON MUSICA!!!!!), and I love others like UNDERAGE, CCM, IMPACT, EU'S ARSE, AGONIA (someone please sell me their 12"!! Or I will trade my original copy of GISM - MAN LP for it!), SHOTGUN SOLUTION, KOBRA, INDIGESTI, etc etc.

13 - Please tell me what the lyrics of "m.s.m.p. young republicans fuck off" are about. what are you screaming in the intro? (for those not familiar with this song, the intro is a tribute to a MITB song whose name actually escapes my mind)
For the intro we just did a take off of HSMP from MITB and updated it with the names of some cool current power violence type bands (most of which are broken up now unfortunately). I don't know what all the lyrics are about because I don't write them and I can't remember them right now, but Sean is a very smart guy and I would back just about anything he says.

I would say maybe XBRAINIAX:Y, but we're not even close to being as good as Y was. German fastcore rules!!

15 - future plans and projects? what about touring italy? (ehm...)
Our discography CD of all our material to date (EP, splits, demos and comp tracks + more) is out now on 625/To Live A Lie. Please look for it! Our LP called "Deprogrammed" should be out this year as well, and hopefully also a split 7" with THE LETTUCE VULTURES. After that? Most likely a break to be honest!


XBRAINIAX the sound of castration (cd-r)

Questi 14 pezzi sono un assaggino di quello che sarà il prossimo Lp per 625thrashcore, “Deprogrammed” (leggetevi anche l'intervista da qualche altra parte proprio su questo blog per capire meglio). Gli ingredienti sono sempre gli stessi, per 12 dei 14 pezzi in questione, ovvero velocità della luce, 2000 cambi di tempo, giri che durano 1/2 battuta, voce urlata ma mai vera sorpresa qui sopra sono i due brani posti in apertura ed in chiusura.

Il primo è un midtempo sincopato con il riff portante che ti si stampa in testa dopo un solo ascolto.

2 minuti emmezzo di brano che saranno sicuramente l'apertura dei prossimi concerti (anzi, quasi sicuramente lo staranno già suonando dal vivo come tale).

Il brano finale...10minuti10 di agonia sludge con accelerate quà e là ma che ti fregano sempre...Un pò come quando sei al semaforo e quello dietro di te accelera solo per dare gas e tu pensi che sia scattato il verde ed invece no, allo stesso modo il brano non “decolla” mai fino ad arrivare a velocità supersoniche ma rimane a mezz'aria...veramente un'ennesima ottima uscita.

Speriamo che “Deprogrammed” non sia il loro canto del cigno, perchè di un gruppo del genere il mondo ha ancora molto, molto bisogno.



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  1. xbraniax goes hard. northern cali show please? Maybe @ gilmanin Berkley.