sabato 15 agosto 2009

XBRAINIAX, kings of power violence

XBRAINIAX is a powerviolence unit from the uxsxax, and in this case we're talking about Michigan; is not the usual place from which classic power violence bands come (as it's for southern california, for example), but definitively they stand some steps above what's around today.
They have a perfect mix of POWER, AGGRESSION, SPEED and GROOVE, and if you're into the speedy stuff as I am, you'd know that it is not so easy to get them all together.
In recent years, I have been lucky 'cause I have been collecting all their discography (mostly split 7"s and compilation tracks), even if I am missing their only (until now, obviosly) solo 7" on 625 thrash, called DISGRACE TO THE CORPSE OF ERIC WOOD.
They just released a 99 songs collection cd on 625 thrash, and I've sent them an interview some weeks ago; I know they're fuckin' busy because of their different side projects, but i hope i could see it published as fast as fast as they are!
My dream is to set up an entire European tour for them, and to play some shows together with Death Before Work! (and maybe even driving them for the whole tour!!!).
They deserve all your support.
Check them out and play fuckin fast as hell.
(...And now I can move to the practice space to keep the challenge movin' on!!!)

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  1. Grandissimi! Mi è arrivato qualche giorno fa il loro cd con su 99 pezzi. Delirio!